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hi my husband has got RA he has been on all the usual stuff plus he has been on TNF enbrel and rituxamab he was only given one infusion of rituxamab as they said that it was not working.My question is that he went to see his RA doctor at the hospital today and they have told him that his RA is not active his joints are not swollen.
But he is in pain all the time he is begining to think that it is all in his mind and nobody believes him .He had some bloods done at the doctors and they have said that they are fine.
The doctor at the hospital gave him a steroid injection in his hip but when we asked about any other treatment he just said that his RA is not making his joints swell we are so fed up with this i have seen my husband in tremendouse pain and extreamley tired.Why is he in so much pain but nothing shows up.



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    Hi Alison

    It sounds like a really worrying time for you both not to mention confusing. Is your husbands RA sero negative? That may be one explanation as to why his blood results don't show rheumatoid factor. Are they sure it is RA he has and not something else? I realise I am asking you more questions than providing you with answers however I think these are the questions he probably needs to ask his rheumatologist if he hasn't already. Or perhaps he or you could give us a call to discuss things in greater detail. Don't lose hope there must be an explanation for his pain that perhaps a pain clinic may even be able to help with. I hope one of you is able to give us a call.

    Best wishes


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