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I was diagnosed with PA 8 yrs ago and Fibromyalgia 4 yrs ago. Before xmas i had really sore thumb which i have Psoriasis in the nail and it has been termed my presenting joint for my PA. My thumb was really swollen i could not really use it much and was in constant pain. in the last 2 wks i have developed a large hard painful lump on the side of my thumb near my knuckle. I had this same thing about 9 years ago and docs tried to drain it which was not a success and then they opened it up but could not find anything but the lump did go and i was refered to a rhemy who diagnosed me with PA. After been on MTX for a few years all seemed to be under control until now.
I would be grateful for any advice i have an appointment to see a doc on friday but would appreciate any advice.


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    Hiya, sorry cant advise u on this. I have PA and all the usual symptoms, but havent heard of this.

    Im sure someone will come along able help.

    Have u a reummy nurse you could talk to??

    All the best.x
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    Hi Michelle

    From what you have said about your previous experience of the hard lump it could just be swelling again so perhaps it may help to rub on anti inflammatory gel? Apart from that its hard to say what it is as people tend to get hard lumps around joints but they be made up of different matter. Sorry I can't be more specific but hopefully the medics will shed some light on it on Friday. Till then the anti inflam gel may actually help with the pain anyway.

    Best wishes

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    Hi thanks for your replies. I have seen the doc today and she has put me on Antibiotics incase it is an infection, if it doesnt clear up after them she will contact my Rhemy to get a quick appointment. So will let yu know how i get on. x Michelle