I have to attend with my condition?

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I have been on Ib for a number of years now and I have just received my letter from DWP saying that I need to be assesed for ESA.

I suffer with psoriatic arthritis and it effects quite a few of my joints (polyarthritis) and assumed that if you have this condition you did not have to go to the assessments. I am on various medications and also suffer with high blood pressure and extreme migraines which I have a vast amount during the month, some last a couple of hours other time I have them every day for a couple of weeks.

During my time on IB I have been called up for assessments but I have bought it to their attention that my condition was in their handbook and was excempt from attending, I would then receive a letter saying I did not have to attend. So I am assuming this still applies under ESA.

Can anyone please clarify this for me please.


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    Thanks for getting in touch. The whole ESA assessment thing is crazy complicated so it would best to get confirmation from a benefits specialist like Dial UK ( As far as I've been able to find out, if you are called for a face to face assessment you have to attend and that there will no longer be Personal Capability Assessment exempt groups.
    There's comprehensive info on ESA and what's called migration from IB which you can read here:
    Hope this helps
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    Not sure abput this one, but what I can say,even cancer patients on chemo etc are being called to atend. ESA is a lot stricter than IB, there are very little conditions except the terminally ill that are exempt from the assessments.

    ESA is a minefield, of which I will enter into soon myself. I wish you luck

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    Thank you both for your replies. I will read the links you have given. I am already very stressed about the whole thing.

    I did go back to work a few years ago under the permitted work scheme but after 2 half days I was unable to get myself home due to the amount of pain and swelling I had developed doing the job. I had to phone my husband to come and fetch me as I was unable to drive myself home. Luckily a couple of days later I had an appointment with my then specialist and she was able to see the extent of the swelling and the visable pain I was in and said that it was not right for me to return to work. However since then I no-longer have a specialist and my GP is not very supportive to say the least. So I am dreading the whole ESA process.

    When we go away on holiday after gently walking around I am in extreme pain and swelling again which then causes me to have excruiciating cramps, which can last with pain and soreness for days after, which then gives me restless nights as I cannot get comfy or settled. Even a weekend stroll will set my legs off again.

    Also I am prone to pins and needles in my feet and legs, which leads to numbness where I have no feeling at all and I have fallen quite a few times when getting up from sitting down.