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Hi there,
I am 18 years old and have had a severe jaw problem since the age of 15. I have had 6 operations so far and I am due for my next operation in march. I have been found to show signs of degenerative arthritis in my jaw and also in my knee.

Just wanted to see if anyone could give me some useful information about how to deal with arthritis? I know it will get worse but I just want to try and slow it down.

Thankyou all


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    Hello Crystallily and welcome!

    I am sorry to read about your ongoing jaw problems - that must be really hard to cope with.

    If you repost your message on the "living with arthritis" forum, I am sure you will get some replies because most of us look there regularly.

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    Hi Crystalilly

    Lovely to meet you.

    I too have had jaw issues in the past and it is truly vile isn't it. My mouth has become stuck shut before now.

    There is a lass on here who has been having procedures on her jaw so think you two would have useful info for each other.

    If you have a look on the main site on here there are various leaflets and info you can dowload which do give advice on arthritis and what we can do to help ourselves. Is your arthritis is the OA type? Degeneration tends to suggest it might be??? There are even exercises you can do etc.

    As Tilly said you might want to pop any questions onto the living with arthritis forum where more people will see it. There is also a young person's forum, which might be worth a peek?

    Hope to see you around the forums

    Toni xx
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    And welcome from me, hope you are finding your way around the forum. Don't be shy at posting. :D