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Am new to the forum so please bear gentle with me! :D

I have suffered with OA in my knees, feet, ankles, hands etc for a number of years, have hypermobility, FMS, cervical and spinal/lumbar spondylitis and suffer with migraines, IBS and GORD. Might be something else to add to the list but I lose track.... :lol:

Anyway - I have been having heaps of pain in my hips for a while now but have had something else start (best way I can describe it is a 'sore feeling all the time) and I have always put this down to my back problem being exascerbated by the FM, but I am also getting leg pain now like I have not had before.

I have had like a bruised feeling on the front of my left leg on the right side front of my shin. I have noticed a small hard lump and the veins around this area (spreading up towards my knee) are more prominent and painful to touch. I have also been getting sharp leg pains, muscle spasms and cramps in bed at night. I have also started to notice odd bruises on my legs (with a couple on my arms) with no apparent cause, occurring, they start as small round light marks and seem to 'spread' to bigger bruises that are a very deep purple colour.

Could this be anything to do with the arthritis/OA? A friend mentioned something to me the other day about some 'condition' but I can't remember what it was - I have made a GP appointment but can't get in till tomorrow.

Any advice greatly received :D


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    Hello and wecome to Chat to helplines,

    We'd hope that we can offer you some support at a time when you are waiting to see your doctor. We can't discuss very much the technical side of what you are experiencing as we are not medically qualified.

    We really appreciate how concerning this must be for you. A new sensation of pain can really hold your attention, it may be able to be explained and hopefully treated, but if you'd like some general support or more information you are welcome to ring our freephone, or private message us if you'd like us to post you more information.

    I hope we can help further


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