Polymyalgia and Predniselone

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I have been on predniselone for 2yrs and was taken off it last June. After 2 weeks I had pains in my shoulders and arms and had to go back onto the predniselone. I started back on 10mg. I am now on 5mg a day. My doctor has told me that she is going to keep me on a maintenance dose of 1mg from April this year, for probably 18months to 2yrs, as she feels she may have taken me off them too soon last time. Also she has told me I could be on them for life. My question is: is this usual to be put onto a maintenance dose and if you have to go back on it again can this then mean you are on them for life? I was told by a physio that it can burn itself out is that correct?

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    Hello Anne
    In every case it is different. In your case it sounds like your doctor is being cautious because she feels she took you off them too soon last time and so seems prepared to keep you on the maintenance dose long term if it means keeping the inflammation under control. Usually people are put on a maintenance dose until it stops flaring up again, so it need not be for life but really depends on the activity level of each individuals condition. As your physio said it can burn itself out in some cases. For more information go to: http://www.pmrgcauk.com/

    I hope that helps however if you would like to speak to one of us please feel free to give us call.

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