Emma, from Mitcham, Surrey! Inflammatory OA sufferer!!

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Hi All,

My name is Emma, im 42 years old and im from Mitcham, Surrey. At the moment i am not working but i am looking for and hoping to get some sort of part time work that is not too physical, so that i can manage to work and still manage my life with arthritis!!

I would love to meet up with people in my area who also have arthritis and maybe we could meet for a coffee and become a support group for each other!!

Ive had inflammatory OA since i was about 29-30 years old. It has slowly worked its way around the joints in my body and is now in most of them. This last year i have had problems with my feet, big toe joints and ankles and it has caused me the most problems because i am having trouble walking!!! I also have OA in both my hips which also causes problems with walking! Depressing isn't it!!!

Anyway, i could go on discussing the various problems i have with arthritis, but i just wanted to introduce myself!! ;o)



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    Hi Emma and welcome. I am not from surrey but wanted to say anyway.

    I am slightly confused :oops: (not unusual), do you have OA or inflammatory arthritis or both? Must be my brain not working.

    Is your treatment plan helping keep things under control?

    I think if you speak to the helpline they may be able to put you in touch with other arfur sufferers in your area, they may even already have a support group.
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    Hi Emma

    lovely to meet you and welcome to the forum from me too :)

    I have met several people from here and even saw one this afternoon. So you may be able to make friends who have arthritis on here, but you could also check out the main A/C pages they have a what's on in your area bit. That's how l met the two who live by me...at my local A/C group.


    Toni xxx
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    Good to see you here.

    Yes, the added problems with Arthur can be pretty depressing and lengthy trying to explain!

    Who did u meet then? Was she/he nice? ;)

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    Janie....She was...a bit upset, but lovely and wet too it was raining!! :roll: actually she looked abit like YOU!!


    toni xx
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    Thanks for you replies everyone! I will take a look at the main board for information on people in my area!

    Suzygirl - I have osteoarthritis, but i still show negative for RA, so the docs are a bit confused as to why i have it so bad in so many joint, like RA is. So they say i have a type of OA that is inflammatory! All i know is that it is bloody painful!! LOL :D

    Anyway, its lovely to find people to chat to who are also going through the same things as myself.

    I know i need to lose some weight as im sure that isn't helping my arthritis, but it can be soooo difficult when you arn't very active!!!