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Hi everyone
If anyone is interested in the latest OA stem cell research please take a look at the article on the Arthritis Research websitte
follow the link on
New national tissue engineering centre to develop treatment for early osteoarthritis Arthritis Research UK today launches a £6 million experimental tissue engineering centre which aims to regenerate bone and cartilage by using patients’ own stem cells to repair the joint damage caused by osteoarthritis
Spreading the good news is one of my most favourite tasks here at Arthritis Care. :lol:
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    Hi Jo,

    Thank you so much for that link and the news :D Its totally fascinating isn't it? I kinda have ethical issues but wont go there :lol::lol:

    Jo some one on the forum had their knee cartilage re-grown I know she is called Jo-Ann (least I am sort sure thats right) but can't for the life of me remember her user name but last time she said it was really working and well its just so good that they have made the advances they have made.

    I know they have made huge advances in terms of what they can replace but tis well time they did this kind of research :D

    Jo can you make your post a sticky on the helplines page? It might help folks and may get pushed down so it gets missed. I always want something ... sorry :wink:

    Thanks again for posting this. Its too late for me but that doesn't mean I don't have a big :D Cris x

    Oh cus its too late I can avoid the ethics :lol::lol:

    sorry had to edit cus of eyes v/s spelling :oops:
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    I had a cartilage stem cell transplant at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in Stanmore. This was during 2004. So - although this is sometimes delivered as "a new approach" unfortunately it isn't as the RNOH had been doing that operation for two years before I had mine done.
    It's two operations, first one day case. They extracted cells from my cartilage and deposited them in a test-tube of your blood, and these were then grown in a laboratory for 4 weeks. The cells they harvested grew into a "patch".
    I then returned to hospital for op no 2. This was an "open" procedure and they laid the "patch" of stem cells over the relevant place in my cartilage trimming it to fit. The idea was that the cells on the graft (patch) would grow and intertwine with the cartilage in my knee, almost like a woven basket effect. This was then surgically glued into place and I had a full length cast on for 10 days.
    Then followed loads of physio and at the one-year anniversary an arthroscopy to check the progress. Unfortunately for me I was one of the 20-25% of people for whom this doesn't work as it only grew scar tissue (fibro-cartilage).
    In 2009 I then had to have a bi-compartmental knee replacement.
    Now, just because it didn't work for me, doesn't mean it won't work for other members. I'd say ask as many questions as possible and ask to speak to someone who's already had it done.
    I hope that my story helps to resolve any queries anyone may have.
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    Thanks Grace for that really informative story. We have had 119 views so far. I hope everyone has gained a lot of insight from your personal experiences in this - thanks for that. I know I and the Helplines team have learnt a lot. New developments are happening all the time in this field and there are at least three research trials going on across the world.
    Hi Cris - will make it a sticky if it does go down too far below the line but there is news coming through on OA all the time so who knows the post may rise to the top quite quickly as we have more to share with you.
    NICE are reviewing the OA guidance this year and it will be considered for a Quality Standard which will raise the awareness of more of the medical community. I am on there as a patient public representative for you all. So that is more good news. If anyone wants to get a copy of the current OA Guidance then give the helplines team a call - we have the RA one too.
    0808 800 4050
    Please ask us questions - we will always try to find good reliable information for you.
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