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I'd value some advice please. I have RA and Brochiectasis and am really struggling just now. I work 3 days per week as an infant teacher and find that the fatigue and general pain are overwhelming. My head teacher has arranged for me to see Occ Health on Friday and I don't know what to expect, what to ask etc so would value any insights you can offer. At the moment I take 19 pills plus inhalers every day, and then any painrelief and anti inflammatories on top as I need them Am having a huge flair just now and gp practise nurse has recommended taking a few days off to give it time to settle, so I rang school and got a cool reception from the office manager this morning. Really struggling just to "be", and to cope with the effects of both conditions, but hate taking time off.
Sorry to moan, but feeling really isolated despite the love, care and support of my amazing family.



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    Dear Deb,

    A referral to Occupational Health should be a supportive step. You may want to be wary if you are aware that in your organisation that people report finding those appointments less supportive. If you don't know anyone who's had any experience, keep an open mind. If you are in a union, have a word with the local shop stewards.

    Basically Occ Health should be wanting to know how you are, what your specialists are advising, whether you are fit for the amount of work you do, and they may well be able to organise a workplace assessment which can give you something to use to base 'reasonable adjustments' on.

    It's a chance for you to raise points - are there adjustments that you think might be helpful?

    If you don't feel well enough to go then have a word with your union - especially if you feel pressurised.

    We are not employment specialists, but if you need more professional support an organisation like the Disability Law Service is worth knowing about.(they can signpost if they are not local enough)

    Do see our booklet 'Working with arthritis'

    I hope that helps


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