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Hi there, just found this forum and thought I'd introduce myself - I'm David, I'm 33 from Scotland and I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis just recently. I've been on methotrexate for a couple of weeks and am having some side effects, some mild dizziness since my second dose on Thursday and nausea and a pretty bad headache since Sunday. Some people have told me there's an adjustment period to the drug and the first few weeks are the worst, so I'm hoping I'll feel better soon. My nausea has been pretty mild, so I'm taking that as a positive given that nausea seems to be the most common side effect.

Well, thanks for reading, I look forward to exploring the forums a bit more!


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    Hi David

    welocme to the forums from me :)

    Sorry you had to find us, but so glad you have. These forums have been great for me....please do go and join in whereever you like you will be made most welcome.

    I am from the Midlands, but know Scotland quite well as my sis lives up there - Dundee way. You will find a few fellow Scots on here :D

    Sorry about the MTX reactions.....yes most do suffer for a while on it with some side-effects, but all being well you should adjust soon. If it works for you it can be a fabulous drug, so well-worth persisting if you can

    Hope to see you about on the forums


    Toni xxx
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    i to am on methatrexate, 10mg. it took about 8 to 10 weeks to kick in fully but i no longer take pain meds, and am moving happly :)
    i take my mtx at 10pm before bed, so i dont feel sick. i did get migrain heads in the first few weeks, (fuzzy eyes) but not now, i do have some head ache's but over the last few weeks have been taking multivitamins each morning and (touch wood) i'v had no head ache.
    its working for me.....i still know i have RA, i still ache on occasion but i sleep at night and i dont need pain meds each day...

    i have stopped drinking alcohol as i'v had one blood test alarm.

    hope it works for you too

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    Hi, and welcome from me too.. Hope you're doing ok today.
    See you around the forum.. we need more blokes, lol..
    Take it easy.