Thank you Arthritis Care.

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It was nice to see my story in the "Real Lives" section as it in some way helped. It is one thing dealing with the condition but it is totally and utterly frustrating seeking help from dislocated support services. I fully understand the need to get the medication right, but we are more than just biology-v-pharmacology. Have you got someone at home to help? That would be a good start. Is there anything you cannot do (like walk) during flare ups and finally but most importantly; how are you feeling? Currently things are fine but in the past I have rang the hospital at 3:30 in the morning, not just because of hideous pain but also the fear that it might never go; or that how can I live the rest of my life like this. To be quite honest at that time I did not want to. Just one question from the hospital and I would have shared my fear but that did not happen but I did get an appointee. I am more solids now as I have read so much on this site. Knowledge empowers you and removes the fearer of uncertainty. I finish this piece with a quote which I feel said it all for Arthritis Care, "Through the shining light of knowledge we dispel the darkness born out of ignorance". Thank you again.


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    Hi Stevanmelia, I agree that hospital's don't seem to come across kind and helpful! There have been times when I have been an in-patient in hospital and the nurse has come to me when I have rang for help and I've asked for pain relief and they have said to me 'the pain can't be that bad!!' And I've felt like knocking her out!
    It is aweful when your having a flare up and I agree you do feel like is this ever going to go away? Is this like it will be for the rest of my life?
    I tell my OH, family and friends that I don't know how I would be if it wasn't for AC, and they don't understand, no one will ever know what this site means to us unless you have any type of Arther.
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    How RIGHT you are Stevan :D

    Without arthritiscare many of us would be in a far worse place than we are, particulary these forums which bring company, reassurance, advice, support and may other things into our home.

    Thanks from me too :)


    Toni xxx

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