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Hello everyone,

So sorry I haven't been on here for a while,I've just logged back on now and am busy trying to catch up with everything thats been going on.
Just before christmas I had a "bit of an issue" with anxiety and panic attacks.

Turns out - I have also got pernicious anaemia so was called in for B12 injections - had a course of these and will now be having an injection every 12 weeks. I also had an issue with bruising, bleeds in my eye and lethargy. Docs think its all to do with the aneamia and not the tablets for the RA. Must admit, I feel a bit better after having the injections.

I have also booked myself in for a session with the staff psychological well being service, at the suggestion of my GP so will see how that goes.

I apologise if I have missed any pocket duties or failed to welcome any new members. I will get on with reading through all the posts now.

Take care everyone xx


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    Hi resusjan
    Its good to have you back with us, although I am sorry you have been so unwell.
    Its good that they found out what was wrong with you and started you on the injections, hopefully you will soon feel the benefit...and I do hope the psychologist can offer some help, please let us know how you get on.
    And don't worry about being absent we all have a break now and then xx
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    well what a time of it you have had no wonder you did not post hope things go from good to better val

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