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Hi hope everyone is as well as can be today, just thought I would let you know I kept my OT appt this morning even though i have no swelling and very little pain.

Wow they can do things I never imagined, anyway to cut a long story short, they are arranging for a hand rail on the bedrooms stairs, change all taps from twist tops to pull and push handles and even get someone to put a rail outside the front door to make it easier for me to get into the house, also was given some wrist supports. I never thought they could do so much to make life easier.

Love n hugs

SheilaD xx


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    I am so pleased to hear that their visit was so helpful. It's always worth keeping up with these kinda things even if life isn't too uncomfortable because sooner or later it probably will be ( :roll: ) and when that happens at least you have everything you need to help to hand. Lever taps, eh? Now that sounds good! I hope all their promises come true and as soon as possible. DD
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    Thats sounds great, I have found OT to be helpful. Hopefully this will make your life easier.
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    Thats great.
    Anytime I've seen the OT she has been great. I dont need a lot really but got another rail upstairs {opposite the bannister} I did have a bath seat but that didnt work for me :lol: Have a grab bar on the wall instead.
    The usual picker uppers :wink:
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    Hi Sheila,

    They are great and I was surprised how much they could do too. I have been given the isotonner gloves and they even sent me an extra pair! I had a night splint too but I could not get on with that at all and found that I had taken it off in the night.. :roll:

    The ordinary splints are good when you are doing heavier work as they do protect your wrists. I have the lever taps in my bathroom now and they are absolutely wonderful. :D

    Good news that you are being given some help and I hope you have everything sorted very soon.
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    Hi SheilaD

    l am so glad you had such a good appointment, bet you nearly didnt go when you felt so well :wink:

    OTs do tend to restore my faith in the health service they are so helpful :)


    Toni xx
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    Hi Sheila

    Glad the ot department were helpful and I am sure the things they are doing will make things easier for you. :D

    take care
    juliepf x
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    Good to hear Sheila
    The OT here is great too, sorted out shower step, chair raisers, wheelchair, toilet frame - now coming back to assess for walk in shower, as I am a liability in the one we have at the moment. So helpful, they really can and do make a difference to people's day to day living.
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    Hi everyone

    Its certainly seems that all the OT's do a fab job in helping everyone that needs it.

    Love n hugs

    SheilaD xx

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