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I am newly diagnosed as having erosive osteoarthritis in my hands. It took a lot of time to get my GP to agree she didn't know what to do and send me to a Rhumetologist. That went well, but Rhumetologist seemed very big on drug therapy, while I'm finding I do well with splints and gloves. I guess we're splitting the difference and I'm scheduled to see a Physical Therapist who specializes in hand issues.

I'm mid-50's male and my work is typing on computers all day. It's impossible to avoid fine motor hand work all day, every day, in my line of work. I'm worried how progressive this deterioration may be and what can I do to slow down the progress.

I've not been diagnosed with any arthritis anywhere except hands, but I suspect if I asked them to look at my ankles, they'd find similar erosion. Possibly knees as well.

I'm very interested in anything people can tell me about:

1. How to work with doctors and specialist to get good care. Just sending me away with a prescription may be efficient and fast, but I'm not convinced it's the best way to treat this. I'm going to physical therapy soon. What should I ask for. When I next see rhumetologist, what should I ask her to look at or consider for treatment or preventing further erosion.

2. What (if any) diet can help this? Generally healthy makes sense, but are there any protein, carbs, particular foods, jello, cherries, that may be helpful or antagonistic that I should know about.

3. Any good sources of do-it-yourself splints, gloves or hand supports. I'm not anticipating getting as much help as I would like from the medical professionals. Where should I be looking for self-help advice and supplies.


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    Hi and welcome to the forums from me too :)

    I wonder what the rheumatologist was suggesting medication-wise. I belive that the aim of any treatment would be to slow down/minimize the damage done to your joints :?

    Tricky when your job invoilves using your hands/ fingers so much. there are some people on here who us 'dragon software' instead of typing...l dont know whether that would be a go-er for you??

    I think you are doing the right thing gathering information, here and with the physio too. We do have a helpine forum here too where you could ask your question??

    Hope to see you joining in elsewhere soon.


    Toni xxx