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i have ask this on the LWA and was directed here ,

Maybe a silly question but if you have oa and have had the joint replaced thats effected do you still have oa in that joint ,
I know i am a lady ,all life is a journey xx MAY xx


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    Hi Berty,

    We don't really have a straight answer for you I'm afraid. With my common sense hat on just because you replace a joint does not mean that you won't have problems with it, and it may need replacing at some point. If you need a definite answer you'd have to talk to a physiotherapist or GP.

    hope that helps

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    Firstly I'm not medically qualified and am a forum member. I think you should speak to an Orthopaedic Consultant if you haven't already done so.

    I have a partial knee replacement (bi-compartmental is the correct term) and the other half of my knee is still natural (but arthritic) bone. I get pain from both sides of my knee. I also get pain from where the replacement is screwed into the bones and in this cold weather the metal contracts, and then pulls on the screws and I can feel that too. Horrible feeling.

    As I understand it, when my partial replacement is revised I'll then be given a total knee replacement (TKR), but to do that they'll have to take yet more of the natural bone to even off the edges and to get rid of the arthritis that is present.

    Keep asking questions of the medical people until you're satisfied all your concerns have been resolved. You are welcome to PM me if that helps.

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    I have pain in my thigh on side that has been replaced - it is bursitis - so will need injecting like the other hip. So yes you can still get pain relating to if not directly caused by the replaced joint.