Meeting at work on wednesday!!

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Hi all....hope you are well and keeping warm.

Just had a phone call from work asking me to go to a meeting with them about getting me back into work. I wrote them a letter asking for reduced hours, 8-12 monday to friday because my better times are mornings and I have my therapies at the weekend (heated pool plus gentle massage). I am a bit nervous now as there has been no communication between me and the manager (he is new and I have never met him) in the 6 months that I have been off. He also wants to meet at work, which is a small place but I think I would rather meet on neutral ground. Can I request this? Trying to get some info before I ring him back to confirm. x Dee x


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    Hi Dee
    Have you been seen/advised by OT. If not then you could ask for this to be done. Some workplaces will give people on long-term sick the choice of were they would like to meet, maybe your home, you can always ask.
    Good luck.
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    Yes, im sure they will do this for you.....
    Dont worry about the time its taking. They will be looking into it and considering if it fits in with the organisation......If they say no ask for clear reasons why not....
    Good luck....xx