am fuming

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I have recently told my employer that I will not be coming back to work due to a)not feeling wanted and b) changing my career choice.

anyway I've had a snotty email from my manager today saying that they can't change my opinions and decision and that I am to return my uniform and VIP pass at my earliest convenience.

I am so angry and upset, I've put in so many hours and energy into that organisation despite being extremely ill. Noone could care two hoots that I've been off ill.

Grrr not really looking for opinions on this just needed to rant!!!


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    i may be young but i know thats not nice and very inconderate of them after all you sound like you put a lot of effort and time into your work.
    live life to the full and done let anything bring you down!!!!
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    I totally understand how you feel. I asked to reduce my hours in my school job and was told, we dont encourage part time.

    I worked there for almost 10 years, so to say I was upset is an understatement!!

    It seems that so long as you do what is expected then thats ok, if you need a little help, forget it. I'm sorry you are being treated like this, but companies nowadays seem to get away with it :x
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    I am so sorry I do know how it feels to think yu have good friends at work and you would be the first to offer help if needed and then when the situation changes your workmates look the other way. I think maybe they are thankful that it is someone other then themselves and maybe they are embarrassed to feel that way.
    That in no way excuses such behavior I know but you go ahead and rant all you want - get it out of your system and then concentrate on your health and then maybe you will find work that will suit you better, but your health must come first.

    Take care of yourself
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    thanks guys!!

    Manager has just rung me and I wanted to put the phone down on him the whole time but I was good and listened and made the right noises, and was polite. Anyway apparently it's MY fault that I don't feel wanted by the organisation and it's MY fault that others feel uncomfortable around me - and I've been told not to put them down as a reference as they would have to commetn on my 'sensitivities'

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    That is a big kick in the A--- I think employers always ask your last employer for a reference as a matter of course. I hope you come out of this OK good luck -concentrate on your health for now.
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    They can refuse to give a reference but by law they cannot give you a bad reference.
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    Thanks again for all your support yesterday.

    Am feeling calmer about it all today - amazing what sleep can do!!!

    I am not going to use him as a reference. I have plenty of other people who will give me a good reference so that is good :-)

    Hope all is well with everyone today :-)

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    This could be looked at as constructive dismissel?
    If your workplace have forced you out cos you dont feel your disability needs were taken seriously....
    I know you want to leave but i'd look at this, get some legal advice( prob in with your house insurance)....
    At the very least get them worried..... :lol: