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I was diagnosed in March 10 with Palindromic Rheumatism for which I was given Plaquenil which worked and all my symptons went away until march 11 when i had a very bad flare up that never quite settled, so my rheumatoligist tried me with different anti-inflams until in May when we had tried different options and as pain was no longer Palindromic I was confirmed with full rheumatism. i have had a inflammatory eye condition called Iritis for 17 years so things sort of all began to fit into place!

i was started in the metho tablets, which only began to have any effect when I was up to 8 tablets having had an steroid injection in both my shoulders and my right wrist. Was not totally controlling things so was put up to 10 tablets. I was feeling very nauseaus on this from about 4 tablets up so in January there I have started on the metho injection.

I was off anti-inflammatories totally for a couple of months but shoulders and wrist have flarred up so back on them again.

It is good to hear other people's experiences on here, though I wouldn't wish this on anyone!!


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    hi and welcome :D
    i have RA and yes its not fun....diagnosed sept 2010, i'm on metha
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    Hi Rachmum

    lovely to meet you and welcome you to these lovely forums.

    Please do come on in and join in when you are ready.


    Toni xx
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    Hello and welcome to the forum please take your time to look around the site and post.
    Sounds like your having a pretty nasty time of things right now. I do hope your feeling better soon and you will find others on the forum with the same illness.