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Wanted to join up and say hello to everyone.

I've suffered with psoriasis for around 10-12 years but over the last 6 years it has got allot worse. It now covers most part of my legs, torso, scalp and arms. A bout of UVB light treatment cleared it up around 2006 but for the last 3 years it has come back with a vengenance.

I had a second bout of UVB in spring 2011 but it never cleared up and started MTX at the start of October 2011. Some of the small plagues have cleared up but the larger ones have small holes in where normal skin has developed. So I am seeing improvements but have been told that this will get better. Currently taking 17.5mg once a week.

Also around 2002 I used to get swollen elbows and shoulders. Kind of shrugged it off and never thought it was linked to psoriasis, however as my psoriasis has worsend the swelling has come back over the last 2-3 years. Mainly in the last 6 month's and in my knees and allot of pain in my lower back. After reading a bit about it I went to see my GP who is really good and know's my condition. He referred me up to see a rhummy and was told that I have PsA. She took x-rays of my feet and hands. My right thumb is quite badly swollen all the time and has been for around a year. My nails are pitted and a few are now discolored. I have the full body MRI on the 22nd Feb, so just 2 weeks time. My knees have flared up a couple of times but settle back down after a week or so, so at least that isn't constant.

Around 3-4 years ago I used to get allot of pain in my lower back and again never thought it was to do with the psoriasis. My rhummy explained that the back problems are likely to have been caused by the PsA. When I seen her allot of things fell into place. Some things that have affected me since 1997 wihhout ever knowing what caused them. Main one was bowel movements and another fatigue that I have suffered.

Since seeing my rhummy I feel like a weight has been lifted from me as it's kind of an answer to what has been happening to me but I'm still suffering with pain, which I'm taking paracetmol and codeine for at the moment. Its also made me take allot of time of work over the last 12 months. I'm currently off sick at the moment due to the back pain. Keep hoping to get back asap but listening to the doctorat the moment and not going to rush back.


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    Hi Pipster and welcome to the site. My nan had psoriasis badly and it really affected her, I know how she struggled to get it under control. You have done well to cope for so long, I am glad you are properly diagnosed now and on suitable meds.

    I hope the mri goes well, others will be along shortly, we have a few members with PA.

    Take care
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    Hi Pipster, I am a Psoriasis , PsA sufferer too. Just saying hi, come join us on the living with and chit chat pages. More people get on there and will see your post.

    Nice to meet you.Hugs (())
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    Hi and thanks.

    Yeah it has been a difficult few years and just praying it gets better in the months to come.
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    Hi Pipster

    things can only get better eh? :wink: well coming on here is a really good start there are a fair few on here who have PsA so you will have lots of others to chat to and swap infor with.


    Toni xx
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    Hello pipster nice to meet you.
    poor you i have Psoriasis PsA and RA but your Psoriasis is much worse than mine. I got my Psoriasis in 1971 after a car crash and in 1982 diagnosed with RA and PsA like you i was in search of answers that i could never find and in so much pain. When i think back i wonder how i managed to work. You have found the right place mate, some great people on this site and its good to talk with others of the same ilk who understand. I have a couple of tips for ypou when you see the Rheumatologist. There is an injection you can get its full of steriods up here its called a (DEPOT MEDRONE INJECTION) but you may have to ask if you can have it . This takes away the pain and lasts weeks i used to get 8 weeks out of my early ones but they wont give you to many. This gives you relief and also gives the time for any medication they give you to start working. Write down your questions for the next meeting with the Rheumatologist. Dont know what meds you have been on for the Psoriasis But there is a drug called Methotrexate used for the PsA its not a nice drug to be on but within 6 months of me being on Methotrexate my whole body was clear of Ps for the first time since 1971. I.m not saying it will work for you and i dont want to give you fals hope but its worth making a note and talking to the Rheumy. In the meantime dont be shy of the other forums and ask as many questions as you want.
    Take Care
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    Hi Colin, thanks for the words.

    Yeah I'm currently on MTX at the moment and currently on a dosage of 17.5mg, I have to admit because my dosage has been increased it has wiped me out. I've pretty much been sleeping for the last week or so and have no energy. All I want to do is sleep on it. It's not nice at all but my GP thinks this will ease as my body builds a tolerence up to the drug
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    Just a quick hello and welcome from me too Pipster, hope things are not too bad tonight. I'm about to crash as I'm worn out and I'm flaring up right now but hope to see you around.. We are all quite friendly ans supportive so feel free to join in whenever you like...

    Take care..