Humira trial

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Hi all,
Just wondered if anyone else is taking part in the clinical trials into Humira (Adulimumab).
Freya (6) went for her randomisation visit today and started her first injection of Humira/Placebo, following persistent extended oligarticular arthritis and mode-sev bilateral Uveitis.
I'd really like to make contact with anyone who mught have experience of Humira or who are taking part in the trial.
Best wishes to all
Sam. x :D


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    Just come across your post - I've just started on Humira and it's been great - from being in terrible pain, I'm now almost free of it. Good luck
  • worriedmum
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    Thats great news. Actually, we had some of that today ourselves. Freya went for her 3 month visit for the trial. Joints have been great and now eyes too! No inflammation in either eye for the first time since she was four! (Now 6 and a half).
    Have you had any problems with the Humira - any side effects?
    Thanks for getting in touch.