Why are the rules always against me?

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I'm beginning to feel persecuted by the benefits system.
I was 60 on 30th September this year and I have just been finished work on grounds of incapacity due to health (OA).
The government moved the pension age, now I have to be 61yrs 5 mths (March 2013) to get it.
This means I can't get pension credit, a bus pass or winter fuel payment until then.
However I have just found out that a male friend who is 62 can get these even though they are not their reitirement age (65). Men go by the equivalent age of a woman to claim these benefits apparently.
The cut off birthday date for winter fuel payment is 24/09/13 so as my birthday is 30th September I am a few days out to get that the year I get my pension.

Are you beginning to get the picture?

I am dreading starting the rounds of trying to get some sort of benefit now I am not working. I'm sure the government must have got wind of my change of circumstances and as we speak they are bringing in new laws to prevent me being able to claim anything.
As it is they have made ESA and DLA harder to get.


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    Hi Polly,

    It is so unfair, I feel for you I really do.

    Our MP's don't care, they are too busy lining their own pockets with ridiculous amounts of expenses.

    It makes your blood boil. I have no advice but much sympathy.

    Petals x