How does Access to Work, work? Im confused.

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Can anyone help me?

Im 25 years old and only had 2 jobs in my life before my arthritis hit. One of them I am unable to do now, my lovable sailing. I now only work in my local shop, 2 days a week.

What I am after is advice on my new job as a teaching assistant (Im due to start at the end of feb). I read on the Access to Work web page that if you have been in the job less then 6 weeks, then Access to Work will pay for it all but then after reading more, I got very confused.

I need them to access my deafness and my arthritis.

Does anyone know how it works when you have not been in the job that long?


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    Hi I am using Access to Work at the mo and they have been great. I am going to be getting transport to and from work, have been measured up for a computer chair and have text help to help with the dyslexia.
    give hem a ring and they will go through the form over the phone, they will send it to you and send someone out to asess you at work.
    what have you got to lose?

    use it :smile:
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    Thanks, I will give them a ring.

    Just interested now, how do you get transport to and from work? It is a taxi or do you have to go on a bus etc?