No SSP and no ESA

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Hi pretty new year and have started a hello thread in the welcome forum.

I'm currently off work at the moment as having back problems with my AS and PA. My SSP ran out in November and I've been back at work but currently off last month and this month, I haven't been back to work for a full 8 weeks either.. I applied for Employement and Support Allowance and just been told that I don't qualify for contributuions based as haven't paid enough NI in 2009!! I was self employed for a year after being made redundant. So annoyed today as never asked for benefits in my life but the first time that I do as geniunely need help and I get turned down!! I also don't qualify for income based as my partner works 30 hours.

So as if I'm not feeling bad enough being off and not bringing a full wage home I'm now not going to have enough to pay bills etc. So sick at the minute and angry!!


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    Hiya, sorry to hear/read this situation you are in.
    The CAB have a benefit checker online which will work out what u may and maynot be entitled to, failing that ask your local job centre to see a disability adviser, i have known them to help.

    all the best. xx
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