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well yesterday was a bad one, now usually when this bad i avoid seeing mum as i know she feels awful when she sees me in pain and unable to move this is one of the reasons i have not explained much about this arther to her.
but well she was fetching my meds and could not put it off, so as i had not taken meds( long story but at bottom of it was as feeling so bad could not be bothered making anything to eat) so could not take them lol she saw me on bad day and got all worried which in turn makes me feel bad and yes it does not help arther. i eventually got some toast and took meds napped and felt a lot better but not sure she believed me she phoned this morning checking on me what do you do to reassure them???? val


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    Hi Val
    I can relate to your post. The only reassurance they can get is if they see you looking and feeling better. Invite her round for a cuppa and chat and let her see you are feeling better. Hugs
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    I have the same with my kids and their spouses , I don't like them to see me on a bad day as they all get upset and worried , but it truly does act as a tonic to spend time with them so hopefully they realise how much it helps to have a loving family around you . Jillyb
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    Hi val, I know just what you mean. When my 82 year old mum asks how I am, I say fine. She says "You always say that", but what else can I say. She lives on her own (her choice), 30 miles away, and she has c.o.p.d. She doesn't need anything else to worry about. I'm having a particularly bad flare at the moment and I'm avoiding phoning her. (my sister lives close to mum and keeps an eye on her, and me informed). It is hard though.
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    It is difficult to keep things from loved ones Val but I think a lot of us do try to do it anyhow. I feel dreadful when my Daughter sees me on a bad day but she does understand that not all days are like that thankfully and she does so much to help just by being there when she can. Best tonic for me in any case.
    Hope your day goes well everyone.
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    Ah Val

    bless her :? l have no idea how to reassure your Mum other than going to 'show' her if you can and telling her you hadn't had your painkillers?????

    My mums 'somehow' appreared in the hospital just after my back opp...though she didn't drive and my Dad had died...and they let her in :D

    Val you are a Mum too - you know you would be exactly the same.

    Love and hugs to BOTH of you

    Toni xxx
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    had much better day today so spent the day at opticians with her she got eye prob (old age thing lol) and was panicking so we went and got them to take photos and explain so she much happier came home and slept lol
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    My mom is convinced that Osteo-porosis is like a cold and will go away in a week or so! :lol: I have to laugh because it gets me so annoyed having to go over it with her again and again when I see her and it's not nice.
    At least my sister knows everything I have to live with as she's a carer to the disabled and elderly.
    But I think mother's hate to come to terms that their childeren are sick with something that's never really going to go a way and have to suffer day in and day out. It must be horrible what their going through in their heads.