Mtx and antibiotics

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Hi - I know I've seen messages about this before but can't really remember what the consensus was. I'm back on Mtx again after a 6-week break. On Tuesday I started taking antibiotics for a throat infection (my usual GP wasn't around so saw the duty doctor) and she said it was fine to continue taking Mtx. It's a 7-days course of antibiotics so I'll finish on Monday. My Mtx injecting day is Sunday. I've also heard from other doctors (and I'm sure I've read similar tales here) that you shouldn't take Mtx at the same time as antibiotics. Any thoughts please?? Thanks in advance for your help ...


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    This is one of those things where medical opinions vary. I have always been told by the hospital (who prescribe my meth) not to take it if I have a cough, sore throat or have a course of anti-bios so I don't. Others on here have different advice and so carry on! Meth does not vanish from the body overnight so missing a week should not have that great an impact on your arthritis. Having said that you are only overlapping by a day so it should be OK but remember I am not a doc! :) I hope you feel better soon. DD
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    The reason they say not to take MTX with antibiotics (ABX) is because MTX lowers your immune system and makes it hard to fight off infections. The ABX are fighting an infection for you and need your immune system to help, hence why it makes sense to stop the MTX while you're taking them.

    There are certain ABX that can't be taken with MTX (one beginning with 'T' that I can't remember the name of...) but the vast majority of them are perfectly safe. It's not case of drug interactions, just a case of allowing your body the best chance to fight the infection.
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    Hello heather.
    Mtx and antibiotics. Are ok i have had this many times, However there is one Antibiotic you can-not take whilst taking Myx cant remember the name but you should talk to your Rheumy Nurse AS most GPs dont know about this and many other related Mtx atrthritis problems. All doctors cant know all things. Just been on the net so have a look at this
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    Thank you for your replies - I'm still not quite sure. As you say, Mtx doesn't disappear from the system immediately so it seems slightly ineffective to stop is just once due to the crossover with antibiotics. I do appreciate hearing your views everyone, and thanks for the good wishes. I am very lucky in that I don't suffer anything like the pains some of you who chat on this site do. Carry on handing out support and advice. Night all.
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    I was always told to stop the Mtx if I was on antibiotics and have five days clear after finishing the course. Been on a lot of antibiotics over the past two years and advice very consistent.

    Also, I always had to have blood tests when got a sore throat on MTx. My GP even gave me a handful of forms so I could get them done without having to make an appointment in the surgery. However, you have to trust your own doctors.
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    Some say do some say don't.
    I have been on antibiotics for 5 weeks now and I still have my MTX injection. A couple of years ago when I had my elbow infection I was on IV antibiotics for months and never stopped the MTX. The only time I don't take it is if I have a chest infection of bad cough.
    Having said all that I dare say if I stopped it I would get rid of these infections a lot quicker but I probably wouldn't be able to move! So, bit of a catch 22!!
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