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After going to see gp yesterday I am giving naproxen another go this time with lansoprazole twice a day. Also increased my amitriptyline dose to 20mg. For the first time in over a year my pain has finally been dulled without my stomach being upset. I know it is early days but hopefully it will continue.


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    Fingers crossed for you.Mig
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    That's great news, flossy. I hope this will work for you.
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    Hi Flossy
    I really do hope you carry on getting relief from that pain, and I know the amys are helping you to get some sleep.
    You take care of yourself xx
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    I had a slight hangover feeling this morning after the increased amy dose yesterday but not too bad. It is quite nice not to have as much pain as I normally do.
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    Fantastic news Flossy :)

    you will soon start to feel more human again


    Toni xxx
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    I'm so pleased Flossy that you have got to a painless place, and I hope you have it for a long time to come. :D
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    That is good news, I really hope it continues for you :D
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    I have my fingers crossed for you too :)

    Love juliepf x
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    Hi Flossy, I'm sure glad something works for you at last.
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    Hi Flossy
    Hope this works for you.......good luck