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hi everyone i am new too think i said hello in wrong place so i will say it again ha .i am 53 i have fybromyalgia ,osteoporosis .osteoarthritis .psoriatic arthritic . so glad to have joined this site . hope to chat to lots of you very soon . i try to keep as upbeat as poss .but some days we just cant be botherd can we .i have found it hard accepting help from my three grown up daughters .due to pride does anyone else feel like this ? .i wll close now but hope to chat soon .gentle hugs to you all xx


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    Hiya Cheeky,Just saying hi and nice to meet u.

    More people will see this if you post it on Living with.
    There are some great people on here. take care.

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    Hello cheekygirl, it's lovely to meet you and I empathise with what you are going through: I too have PsA (psoriatic arthritis) which has led to OA in my knees and ankles: currently life is pretty troublesome pain-wise etc so I have spent today marooned on the sofa. As the years have passed I have become a great deal better at asking for help simply because it helps ME. It seems that I am asking more and more people (often complete strangers, usually in supermarkets!) to reach things, undo things, shift things from A-B as my abilities lessen but hey-ho, it saves my joints, saves me extra pain and discomfort and to my mind that is a good thing! Household chores are now taking longer and longer but at least I am still cooking, washing, doing the odd spot of cleaning - about the only thing arthritis and its pals give us is more time to do less and less. I hope you are feeling as OK as you can be today. DD
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    Hi CG

    lovely to 'meet' you officially.

    think l swa you on chit chat where you were welcame to introduce yourself :) people here are generally very very supportive and friendly.

    You should get a good laugh too :wink:


    Toni xxx
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    Lovely to meet you also, I have just joined this website. I am 42 years old, have had psoriasis for 12 years and was told that I will eventually get arthritis, gout flared up in the past month or so and I my joints are very tight and sore, I am new this and have been very depressed in the last month or so. On a bad day I can't write nor wipe my bottom but it is very hard to share this with my family and am trying to cope on my own. I just got off the phone, I called the helpline on this page. I understood so much from our conversation and hope to understand more from talking and sharing with you all.