Hello All!

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I'm new on here today and I am looking to meet new people :D
I'm a 36year old young at heart girl from Chelmsford, UK. I have suffered from juvenile arthritis since the age of 14 :? My illness has been up and down over the years so I can't complain but it just would be nice to meet like minded folk.
Have a lovely weekend and I look forward to catching up :D
Clare x


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    Hello clioclare, it's lovely to meet you and I am glad you have found us. I had many years feeling I was the only one (and in my group of friends I am!) so finding here was a real treat. I am older than you (nearly 53!) and I live in Ipswich. I have had PsA for nearly 15 years and OA for about 5 or so (it was confirmed by Xrays last year). I have no idea how those who are struck so young cope with arthritis, it's cruel enough for us oldies but for the children etc? Grrrrr, it makes me very cross. I hope you have had as good a day as you can and I hope to see your name on some of the other forums on here. I wish you well. DD
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    Hi Clare , nice to meet you.
    will see you about on living with and get to know ya better i hope.

    take care, (((())))
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    Hi and welcome from me. I am 39 and have struggled for 5 years, so I dont know how you have managed all these years. I hope you enjoy the forum.
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    Hi clioclare

    lovely to meet you :)

    Sounds like you will bring plenty of experience to the forums yourself.

    I hope you will get plenty OUT of them too :D and look forward to seeing you around


    Toni xxx
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    Hi guys

    Thank you so much for getting in touch and it's really nice to meet you all. It's always nice to chat to new people and share the pains and the laughter of life! Ha ha. :lol:

    Well, the sun is shinning today hear in sunny Chelmsford so going to make the most of it :D

    What's everyone up too?

    Laters Clare xxx
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    Hi Clare,

    Im 42 years old and have had OA since about 30 years old. My rheumy says i now have seronegative arthritis! Its all a bit confusing, i just know im in PAIN!!!! lol

    I live in Mitcham, Surrey, so a long way from you! I tried to join a local group in my area, but the day i went it was cancelled as it was icy and apparently they are all old and don't come out when its cold!!! So, i probably won't be going back as it didn't sound like there was anyone my age there!!! :roll:

    Anyway, it's a lovely forum and everyone is really friendly, so keep posting :D
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    the first time l went to my group it was full of older people, but now there is a table of younger people too. Essential otherwise eventually there will be no group :shock:

    Give it a try....you might find someone who is in your age range. It really helps. Having said that l have two people who live near me who l meet up with regularly (Midlands) and l met them off here.


    Toni xx