DLA should I bother applying

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I am asking on behalf of my sister who has Arthritis, she is pregnant at the moment so meds are all up the wall but I believe she is on Steroids again. The pain seems to hit different parts at different times, some times her mobility seems really good others she struggles to get about. I have noticed she will get attacks on different parts her foot can be so swollen she either can not or struggles to put on shoes other times her hands are bad. she has a 2 year old and one on way.
Her Doctor has suggested she register for DLA and says she will back her up but we have read the leaflets and it looks like you have to be almost in need of constant daily help to get any thing, which she is not. some help would have made life a bit easier for her. Can anyone offer any suggestions for her.


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    Hello, it's nice to meet you and what a caring sibling you are. I receive DLA (the mobility part, no care part as yet) and I also have a blue badge: I aquired the BB before I applied for DLA, the two weren't connected back then and I don't think they are now. Usually the rule is 'if you don't ask you won't get' but in these straightened times you can ask and not get so surely it has to be worth a shot? Complete the form based on a bad day (as that is when the help is required) and I wish her luck. DD
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    How kind of you, tell her to apply, there is nothing to lose, Going off what others are saying it is getting harder to get, but she must not let that put her off.
    The money is there to help those that need it
    Good luck with everything..
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    get dial or cab to help her fill it in they have better results as know what they are doing good luck and you never know it worth trying and also blue badge have no experiance to offer as do not claim any val
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    Don't get scared off by the leaflets. Fill out the form the best you can and remember to describe the bad days. If you have any problems filling it out, the nice people in CAB will help you. They go to special training to learn how to fill out those forms!
    I wish your sister all the best,
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    Nothing ventured nothing gained. So, yes please tell your sister to fill in the forms. The benefit system is pants at the moment, but please don't let that put your sister off, thats what its there for.
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    Hiya you should defintly apply especially as she has the backing of her doctor
    I have only just been awarded dla as I didn't know that I could apply for it I have had PA for 8 years .You do have to tell them as much as possible about how things are on bad days not good days,I was refused when I submitted my form and after reading advice given on this forum I wrote a letter appealing against their desicion and was awarded it after all and I got the middle rate of the care component I'm not entitled to the mobility as I can still get about reasonably well.
    Good luck with your application I hope your sister is succesful :) x