RA in jaw????

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Hi, I,m new here, and have had RA (diagnosed) for 2 and a half years. I also have OA in my knees and shoulders, along with fibromyalgia.

Just lately, my jaw has been really painful and difficult to open properly. I was wondering if its anything to do with RA

I am on the usual mound of drugs, the pain pills not doing much as usual. I keep getting a kind of odd feeling around my stomach, it hurts, but not really a pain, just uncomfortable, sort of tightening I know that sounds odd, but it is odd!!

Any help anyone????

I am working, I nanny/childmind for 4 days a week, so quite physical. Thank you everyone. Hope you are not in too much pain :)


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    I have RA in my jaw so , yes , that's a possibility ; this ghastliness can " hit" in all sorts of odd places can't it ? Rest up and try to enjoy your weekend . Jillyb
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    There are quite a few on here with arthritic jaws - it can and does happen. I reckon this is something that you need to raise with your rheumatologist at your next meeting. I find mine goes very 'clunky' when my inflammatory arthritis flares but then it settles again. As for the tummy - well I am not a doc but I reckon stress could be a factor? Pain is stressful, arthritis is stressful and living with it certainly is! Keep up with the pain dullers, rest as much as you can when you can and I hope things start to ease soon. DD
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    Hi Rose Ellen,

    Nice to meet you, don't think I've spoken to you before?

    I have OA in my jaw. When it's bad I use heat to try and relieve the pain. I also try and rest the joints as much as I can but it's difficult, especially the talking. I have to keep saying to people that I can't talk much but that in itself is tiring-and painful!

    Hope it eases for you soon,

    Magenta x
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    I sometimes have it in my jaw too :(

    woe :(

    it's very pianful - lucky for me l already knew about Magenta's so was not surprised at all and able to cope with it.

    Often folks think it is earache or something like neuralgia. Mine has been known to get stuck shut :lol:

    Dentist tried to get me to wear a gumguard thingy, but l have a bit of a gag reflex so haven't!!

    Just take my amti-inflams when it's bad.


    Toni xx
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    Hi Rose Ellen,

    You said you are on the usual drugs, does that include NSAIDS??

    I was on and off them for a long time and finally realised they were the cause of my stomach problems!! Just as you describe too!

    The take away your stomach lining and can cause all sorts of problems. Since ive stopped taking them my stomach has settled right down!! :D
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    Thanks everyone, my next rheumy appt is in April, so I'll mention it then.

    I am not on any nsaids at the moment, I was on naproxen, but when I went for my appt I didnt see my usual consultant, and the one I saw said not to take more than one per day, so I thought why bother!! I am on tramadol 100mg, paracetemol, 500mg both 4 x day. Pregabaline (fibro) 150mg x 4 I did stop the paracetemol when on naproxen, but back on them now.

    I think my tummy stuff could be worry/stress/anxiety. I had a couple of bad anxiety attacks last year, so could be similar. They caused an awful flare too, so dont want that too often.

    I have a gp appt next week for review of prescriptions, so I'll mention it then, last time they just gave me domperidone, and said did I want to see a counsellor, but I said no, as I know theres a long wait, and more people in need than me.

    Thank you for replying, and for your help, its good to know you are there!! support makes so much difference :)
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    Hi Rose Ellen
    The others have said it all really, I just want say a very warm welcome to the forum, and I do hope your rheumy will offer some help.
    Please let us know how you get on xx