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I have been on Humira now for about 18 months and although, it has significantly helped with my PsA, my overall mobility continues to get worse. I have been wondering for a while if Yoga classes would help however, as I would struggle to do a lot of the movements (including getting up from the floor etc), I don't want to turn up at a class and be completely embarrassed!

I know that I could chat to the teacher before the class to explain my disability however, I am keen to find out if there are any specific classes in South East London who teach Yoga for people with mobility difficulties. I have googled for several hours and I can't find any such classes so I thought that someone on the Forum might be able to advise.

Many thanks and I hope that I have not wasted anyone's time by asking! :D


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    Not sure about yoga but tai chi is good for arthritis and doesn't involve getting down on the floor. Look for Sun tai chi as this is more gentle. Also look for tai chi for arthritis. There is a dvd available on the internet.
    You could try asking your local hospital physiotherapy dept for advice.
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    Hello Londonlass, it's nice to hear from you again. I am pleased that the Humira is helping the PsA but I understand completely about the decreasing mobility. Just before Christmas I graduated from crutches to a four-wheeled rollator and that has made getting around better than it has been for a while.

    I too am on Humira and the thing I have always found is that standing still for longer than about 30 seconds is a no-no: my knees begin to protest, quickly followed by the ankles. I tried yoga many moons ago (when my arthritis was just beginning) hoping that it would help but it actually aggravated matters for me (at the time it was only in one knee). I like the thought of tai-chi but again the standing means it's not an option. What I will give another go is toning tables. There is no physical exertion as such, you use your muscles to give resistance to the movement of the tables. Could this be an idea for you? I know the Delboy used to use them (I don't know if he still does) but I am thinking about trying them again. I stopped in 2001 thanks to various surgeries, but now, with the increasing levels of OA in my knees and ankles, I do need to get some muscular strength from somewhere, especially as new knees may be in the offing. DD
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    Many thanks for the responses. I used to do Tai Chi and thoroughly enjoyed it. However, I know that I too couldn't stand up for that amount of time. I had considered Toning Tables but couldnt find any in SE London (SE7) or within a reasonable driving distance.
    I will keep looking.

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    Hi Londonlass, I'm only replying to say, would be interested in hearing if you find anywhere, as I live in SE16 area, Rotherhithe..............

    I am also due to go on Humira, just awaiting delivery
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    Hi Rose Ellen, good luck with the Humira. I was really worried, at the start, about self-injecting, but its fine and I have really seen an improvement.
    If I cant find a class, perhaps we should find a yoga teacher and start our own in
    the area! :D
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    I tried a yoga class, discussed difficulties with teacher, avoided certain poses etc. (i.e. was very careful) and it caused a massive flare up. Took me weeks to recover. The nurse at my gp practice suggested Hatha yoga as it is more about breathing and much more gentle. Haven't tried it yet.
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    I have tried Yoga on the Wii Fit and found it very difficult.

    Have never tried Tai Chi, might look into that.

    I wouldn't take any tablets to help with your weight and or mussels etc, I think it should be a natural thing.
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    Hello glad to here the meds are working OK. I tried Tai-Chi thats quite good.