Methotraxate gone up

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Hi everyone firstly hope u are all well :) Went to hospital on friday to see consultant have now put meth up by one more tablet so 10mg weekly now, got to have a scan on my hands done as pain is so bad and am wearing the splints more or less most of the time without feeling any support, have been put on dyhdrocodiene 60mg 4xdaily and that only takes pain away for a little while, they have said next step will be tramadol but dont fancy the idea of morphine based painkillers but we all know we will take anything to be free from pain, and theres the blood pressure hitting the roof and on top of all that my cholesterol is to high so to say im down is an understatement, and have been reading blogs DD i hope you are feeling better love Soraya x :(


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    Oh Soraya, poor you, no wonder you are feeling down. 10mg of meth is still a smallish dose but I hope the increase will be enough for you to begin to feel a real difference. My BP also shot up (in my case thanks to the Humira I inject) but BP pills have sorted that. It's not unknown on here for the med for one thing to lead to meds for the problems the first one causes. :( As for the pain relief, well my lovely I have to say that no matter how strong the pain relief may be it rarely takes it all away for any length of time - that is why I call 'em pain dullers because all they do is blunt the sharper edges - the stronger they are the more they blunt but it always, always comes back without truly going away. I am used to it now, it's always there twanging away in the background but I have had years to adjust: in that respect I am lucky. My cholesterol however is fine - gawd knows how! :lol:

    The BP and cholesterol are fixable, the first with medication and the second by dietary adjustment, but the arthritis is not so easily dealt with. I hope the meth helps, perhaps it's time for an anti-inflammatory too? Your GP may be able to help on that, but if things don't improve too well then chat to your rheumatologist the next time you see him. Hang on in there, things will improve, they always do. As for me, well today I am feeling a little brighter - as usual the support from people on here has been second-to-none. I wish you well. DD
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    Hi Soraya,

    Sorry to hear you are not well. As DD says 10mg isn't that higher dose but hope it helps.
    Take care,
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    Don't worry about the Meth, you are on a very small dose so it should be okay. I am on 25g by injection.