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1:-Hubby has to wash your feet because you cant bent your legs enough

2:-Best friend has to open the plastic tag on the milk so you can make her a drink.

3:- You have to have people on stand by just in case you can't get out of bed.

4:- When friends/family inform you they are taking you out the first question you ask is not "where are we going" but "are there any stairs"

feel free to add to the list

x Dee x


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    when the lift is broken (yet again) at work and you wonder how long it will take to get up 2 flights this time..........and back down again!
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    when you think, shall i bother doing it???
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    1. You graduate from one stick, to two sticks, to crutches then a rollator. I know what's next and I don't mind as it means I will still be able to go out and do stuff.

    2. The meds don't work as you want but you accept what they do as without them things may well be a damn sight worse.

    3. The Christmas Tree. December 2008 it took one day. December 2009 it took two. December 2010 it took four. December 2011 I thought I wouldn't bother, found I just HAD to and it took a week. This year I'll start it a week early, ie the last week of November.

    4. I iron my husband's stuff. I don't care how I look, body heat sorts out the worst of the creases.

    5. I cook sitting down. As for the milk seals a sharp knife does the job and stabbing it through the foil is very therapeutic!

    For some life don't change too much, for others it changes quite a bit and for some it changes beyond all recognition. What does count is our inner strength, our core resilience, our courage in not letting arthritis defeat us. I thank whoever I live in a time when there is medication, there are gadgets and gizmos and new joints might be an option. OK, arthritis ain't fun but imagine having it 100 years ago. It's tough DeeDee, there's no doubt about that but you know what? You'll get there, we all do and we will help you as much as you can. DD

    PS As usual valval sums it all very neatly and I blather! :D
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    Blathering is therapeutic too................ :D x
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    DD, spot on with the one stick, two stick-crutches business, lol..

    You know you're getting worse when.....
    You can't carry the shopping for the wife :roll: :oops:
    Can't drive more than half an hour without being in agony for a couple of hours.. And that's on a good day.
    Your only social life is going to appointments :shock:
    Your parents can walk a lot further than you.
    You've to stop buying footwear with laces... :roll:
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    When you don't wear a bra indoors any more because it hurts.

    When you do qtr hour ironing, rest for half hour, qtr hour ironing, rest for half hour etc etc.

    When your daughter sees you walking towards her on a stick and when you reach her she says you remind her of Grandad (my Dad who died 4 yrs ago).

    When your 7 yr old Grandson laughs at you rolling off the sofa onto your knees and the 10 yr old says "Don't laugh at Nanny, she can't help it - she's old" :)
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    Having to ask hubby to zip trousers up,even though you have one of those gadgets to help pull things.Mig
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    The OH having to help me shave! That used to be a sacred routine, behind locked doors.

    Carrying arms full of stuff going upstairs, now nothing as you need both hands too cling on to the bannisters and grab rails or crawl upstairs on all 4's.

    Using the tumble dryer, even on a sunny day, if nobody else is around to help because carrying it too the washing line and pegging it out is just too much.

    DD taking down the tree decs was the hard bit for me. Managed to do a few a day over a week.

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    Ah tkachev - I did that bit in a day! Mind you I still have two plastic boxes of Santas in the sitting room - I must get 'em up the stairs somehow. :( And various other ornaments hanging about which must likewise be cleared. Oh for some energy! What is that stuff and how do I get it? DD
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    Lol DD I still have some soft toy decorations lounging about and one Christmas hangy thingy! Decided to leave them for next year.

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    When you decide it 's better to stay in bed
    when OH builds a downstairs loo for you
    When you have to take off rings because your fingers look like sausages!
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    Lol at the christmas decs.....I just left them on the tree and folded it into the box :lol:

    Why are all the pain dullers so tiny that you have to get them out, put on work surface get the next on out etc and them scoop into hand just to get them into mouth. X Dee X
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    When you have to get your daughter to fill your pill box because the never ending pills are too fiddly for clumsy fingers, and you haven't got enough strength in your fingers to open the bottles or pop the blister packs they come in.
    When the pharmasist knows you so well he gives you a calendar each year and lets you try the openings on pill bottles before he puts your medication in them
    When you haven't got any matching crockery because you keep dropping bits and it doesn't bounce.
    When everyone you visit lets you try the size of the mug handles before they pour your drink in the hope that you'll get a grip and not drop their mugs too!!!!!!!

    Deep joy! :oops:

    Hope you're all having a half way decent day.
    Deb x
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    I'm not smiling very much these days but you've made me LAUGH tonight with your comment - 'the only social outing is to appointments - how true.

    Thank you so much.
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    When you shuffle along the hall to the bedroom to get something and get distracted by something else and come back out what you went for and then remember and have to repeat the whoel thing 3 times before you actually get what you originally went for.
    and you realise that you have the memory span of a Goldfish :shock:
    oh and the receptionists at the doctors don't even ask your name when you phone them........ and the sister at the surgery gives you a big up like an old friend.
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    All the staff at your hospital call you by your first name