HRT - How long to help ease hot flushes?

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Hello Peeps

I know from previous threads that there are a number of you taking HRT and I am in desperate need of advice.

I have finally "given in" and started HRT for my outrageous hot flushes - my Rituximab is "on hold" because they are so bad there is no way I could sit through 9 hours of infusions (to say nothing of the fact that they would be wanting to stop the infusions because they would have no way to know that the drips and shivers were not a drug reaction).

I understood from what I had read that HRT can work really quickly - and GP said "within days". I am now on day 4 and, whilst I was not expecting miracles, neither was I expecting things to get WORSE! Since I started taking the pills the frequency of the hot flushes has doubled (although they seem to be a bit shorter and milder) and so far today I am not getting even half an hour's break between them.

Please can anyone out there with experience tell me how quickly HRT helped ease hot flushes - and did anyone else find things got worse before they got better?




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    Hi Tilly,
    Long time ago since I gave in and took HRT so trying to remember.
    For me I don't think they ever went away completely.....but did get milder.
    The night sweats were worse for me. My OH refused to sleep with the window open but gave in when I kept flinging the duvet off and waking him up.
    I never went anywhere without wet wipes.
    I'm sorry I can't help as regards how long they took to work.
    Some-one will be along younger than me who will advise.
    Good luck....May
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    Hi Tilly, I had a hystarectomy many years ago it was a full one where they took everything. I used to suffer with the usual mood swings (ask OH about them!! :lol: ) and terrible hot flushes!I felt the need to literally climb in the freezer sometimes! I started out on the pill's but didn't get on with them. But now have an implant that can last any thing from 6 months up to 3 yrs. It helps a lot with controling the mood swings and hot flushes, it doesn't totally keep them away but I don't suffer so much with them.
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    Thanks both for your replies.

    Even if they don't go completely, just an improvement would be lovely so I could have my Rituximab which is now more than 3 months overdue :cry:. (not solely down to the hot flushes but that is now the only thing in the way) As for wanting to climb into the freezer - well I know that feeling all too well. I reckon one of the best places to start dripping is the supermarket because there are plenty of freezers to choose from. I have spent many a time feigining great interest in the different brands of frozen peas just so I can stand with the freezer door open. :lol:

    Thanks again.

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    Hello - anyone there? :lol:

    Just bumping my thread up in case there is anyone else out there who can help cos I am getting ever more desperate!

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    Hi Tilly
    I had a fulll hysterectomy a long time ago and had the implant which was put in every 6 months. It really worked for me straight away but beleive me if you misjudged your months and it run out, everyone used to hide from me .I had this for over 10 years so it did work for me
    Hope you get something sorted as there is nothing worse than those hot flushes etc.
    Eileen xx