Heat packs for knees?

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My 9 yr old son is really suffering with pain in his knees. At night, he has been using a wheat pack (one of the long filled ones) and a teddy that heats in the microwave. These are both OK but keep falling off his knees in bed when he moves - it took him an hour and a half to get to sleep last night :(
Does anyone know of any heat packs etc suitable for children that would perhaps attach to the knees, so would stay in place?



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    I have bought heat patches that attach to the knee. They fit round with a pouch that you them heat. Not sure how it would fit a child if he is especially slender? I got mine from a bargain shop, where they have lots of medical products cheap. Otherwise a good chemist or wilk**son or even the pound shop.

    Hope you find something suitable.
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    im sure you can find some that will fit kids if you look around. hope you find something

    elisha xx
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    Hi Gabrielle,
    Me again!
    I have previously used the 'Cura-Heat Arthriris pain- Continous Warming Relief for knee pain' for Tara. I got them from Boots, they come in an orange box. They are basically an elasticated bandage/wrap that you pull up and fit over the knee and there are 2 pockets inside that you fill with the special disposable heat packs that come with it. They say they provide up to 8 hours relief. They do work out quiet expensive as the heat packs can only be used once and you will initially have to buy 2 boxes if you want one for each knee, you can them just buy the heat packs in a refill box. I did mention to the hospital that Tara had been using them and they said it was fine if they were giving her pain relief.
    Although Tara is 13 she is very petite and they seemed to fit her knees ok, she had worn them to school when she has had a bad day and they are discreet enough that no one knew they were there!
    I know when Tara was suffering I would try anything to make things better for her. I hope this helps.
    Best Wishes,
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    Have looked today in Boots, a couple of other chemists and a couple of 'pound' shops but haven't found anything suitable yet.

    Sandra - I looked at those Cura-Heat patches today but because they are only single use, we would need at least 2 a day, sometimes 4. They do sound good though so may try them at some point.

    The hospital appointment has come through :) - it is in two and a half weeks, so I'm hoping that they will be able to give him some better pain relief, as he is really struggling at the moment.

    If anyone has any other ideas, please let me know :)

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    hi just read this thread, how about thermacare knee wraps, or nurophen back pain patches.

    thermacare ones last 12 hours the others are only 8, but i think you can buy all sorts online as well.

    i hope this helps
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    Thanks only49 - will have a look at those.

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