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I've got 2 things to ask (eventually ill run out of things dont worry)

First is... HOW DO YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT!!! I take co-cod before i go which is fab i go off quite quickly.... unfortunatly i wake up every hour hands stiff and very sore (at one point i woke up laid on my belly and ontop of both of them [ sarcasm]which helped alot [ / sarcasm] I considered asking for some sleeping tablets but i need to wake in the night for my baby from time to time though not every blummin hour

also hot flushes I didnt actually realise this could of been to do with my hands untill i had a quick google (I dunno what i thought it was as its not menopause and im not pregnant lol and its wasnt a fever, though my husband helpfully suggested early menopause)

what can i do to ease them off a bit its not nice being hot and sweaty and thats not helping the sleep either


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    I remember when I last slept through the night, it was in July last year and gawd knows why it happened but for some reason it did. Usually I wake every 90 minutes or so, you get used to it after a while. As I said before the pain relief only takes off an edge so as that little effect wears off the pain level rises and wakes you. Sleeping tablets are not a helpful answer, certainly not a long-term one, and docs are generally reluctant to dole them out. If your hands prefer to be warm then wear light cotton gloves in bed, ir cooler then a hot water bottle filled with ice water should help.

    As for the hot flushes, well, I have been through the menopausal and still have the drug induced ones, for me they mean peeling off clothing ASAP as I drip from head to foot, get the fan going, wipe down with a hand towel, keep a dry flannel in the fridge, sleep on a bath towel and I still wrap my pillow in a towel. As for the duvet - who needs one? I don't! :) They will pass, yours could be hormone-related as you are not yet on any arthritis meds (and may not be until they find out what it is!) or they could be caused by the pain relief. Have a read through the leaflet and see if they are mentioned, yes? DD
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    Hello again Louisa

    First, just to say please don't ever worry about asking - and whatever it is, you will usually find someone who has experience and can advise.

    Sleep can be a real problem - I haven't slept through the night for several years now (not just arthritis, but I know how difficult lack of sleep can be, whatever the reason). Occasionally I get a "burst" of 4 hours or so, but usually I "catnap" for hour or two at a time. As DD says, strange though it sounds, you do get used it over time, and you will find your own strategies for coping until, hopefully, things improve for you. I have recently discovered the joys of audiobooks and often I find I drift off after just a few minutes listening - or at the very least it helps to take my mind off things a bit. If you decided to try that, you could play them with only one earplug, and the volume low so you would hear your daughter.

    Having said all that, hopefully once you can get a proper diagnosis - you mentioned in your previous post that RA was one of the "prime suspects" you will be able to get onto some proper meds which hopefully will control things a bit for you and will make sleep easier. Co-Cos may well help, and can sometimes make you drowsy, helping you to sleep, but as you have found it tends to be fairly short acting and it just deals with the symptoms, not with the underlying inflammation. Has your doc given you any anti-inflammatories to try? I ask because I find them to be longer lasting than the painkillers. There are lots of different ones so you might need to try a few before you find one which suits you. Dicolofenac works well for me. In terms of sleeping tabs (and I'm thinking here of things like Temazepam) - please tread very carefully. My experience is that they can potentially be useful for short-term use but they can be VERY addictive and, if you have a GP who just keeps prescribing them, without questioning, over time, you could end up with more problems to deal with. My experience with sleeping tabs is that they helped me to drift off to sleep quickly, but they didn't do anything to stop the pain etc waking me up. Some people take Amytriptylene (?sp) which I think they find helpful, and I think that's a different drug category from "normal" sleeping tablets.

    Hot flushes can, I know, make things even more difficult. I have a powerful pedestal fan at the foot of the bed and when a hot flush strikes, I peel off everything I can and sit with the fan blasting, flapping a cold flannel around until it passes. Luckily I have a very tolerant husband but the flushes are so bad at the moment that he has decamped into the spare room. I feel very guilty about that but at least when I am up and about in the night I don't disturb him so much. Do mention the hot flushes to the GP Louisa, if you haven't already, because it would be good to know what's behind it (eg meds, early menopause) and to know if there is anything which can be done to help.

    Thinking of you - and please do keep asking. We are always happy to listen - and to help wherever we can.

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    Hot flushes and night sweats can be caused by inflammatory arthritis that is not under control. The are a reaction to the rampant inflammation happening within the body. When my RA is out of control I get very bad nigth sweats. I take to sleeping on a towel and having a spare nightgown out to change into when I wake up soaking wet.

    There can be other causes too, as others have said, so it's always worth getting them checked out by a dr.
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    I'm tryiing to put off seeing the dr until ive had my blood test though slight aches and pains ive had for well over a year now are getting worse so i might have to go before that now (bloods tomorrow)

    Esp since its my back and ankles i hoped the bad sleeping was what was causing my back to be bad but i had a bloody good sleep lastnight (think it cought up on me lol and knocked me out) i will need more painkillers because well cant do F all with manky hands ankles and back can i lol

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