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My GP surgery must hold the title of 'most incompetent practice in the UK'!

I told you about them referring me to the hospital for x rays, and when I got there the GP had forgotten to do the online referral so I had to wait until she could 'fit it in' between patients.
Well, I went back on Saturday morning and was told the x ray showed no damage..all well and good but it's not totally conclusive. So next step is blood tests. GP (who was yet another doctor I'd never seen before) said he couldn't get his computer to work but would get receptionist to print out blood test requests for monday so I could pick it up and then go to hospital walk in clinic to get the bloods done. I spoke to receptionist who said GP didn't know how to use the computer :shock: so she would do it. I needed full blood count, ESR, RF and Liver function.

When I got home I looked at the paperwork, only to find that the RF and liver function requests were missing so I rang them up and she'd 'forgotten' to include it so she'd have to do a new one and I'd have to go back in again. When I picked it up she'd requested Liver function and RF but not ESR and full blood count! What a total and utter farce this is all turning out to be! Eventually she managed to do the paperwork for all 4 and I went to hospital to get the bloods done and am now waiting for the results.

Is it always this hard? Are they just not taking me seriously or am I just unlucky enough to have a rubbish medical centre?

Nice to see some sunshine though :D

Aly x


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    Hi Aly
    This is awful, but yet time and time again we are hearing of such incompetence, its a couple of years now since I changed GPs, it wasn't easy because I kept thinking better the devil you know, but it really did work out for the best, if I were you I would put in a complaint , and keep a copy of the letter, this again is not easy, but so many of us don't complain.
    I just wish I could help more, wishing you well with everything x
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    Oh Aly

    And here was I thinking I was registered with the most incompetent GP practice in the UK :lol: Prescriptions is my main problem and I consider myself to have done well if I get my repeats after only 2 attempts - sometimes, between the GP and the chemist it takes 4 goes!

    I don't think you have to worry that they are not taking you seriously, I just think they are very disorganised - which doesn't help when you are trying your best to get a diagnosis.

    Really hope you get all the results back soon with no more hassle.


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