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I'm struggling with immense pain in my hips and the back of my thighs which is making sitting uncomfortable and sleeping almost impossible. The GP says it's bursitis and probably related to my RA, just keep taking th pain killers (Cocos and ibuprofen), but they don't seem to be touching it.

I'm getting desperate for sleep, and feel so fed up. I wondered whether any one else had experience of this, how long it's likely to last (I've had it for almost 2 months now) and whether I ought to ring the Rheumy nurse for advice-I don't like to bother them as they're so busy, and although I had a depo injection a month ago for a mega flare it hasn't helped the bursitis at all.

Sorry to go on but no one else I know has any idea about how it feels and I'm dreading if thisis all the future holds. I'd really appreciate any insights you could offer.


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    Hi, I am just a forum member, but I have had bursitis in hip and shoulder. I would definitely give the rheuemy nurse a ring, its what they are there for. I was given an injection straight into the joint to ease it.
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    Hi Deb

    it really isn't worth suffering in silence for so long. Bursitis can be as a result of several things including an infection which can easily be cleared up with a course of anti biotics, but the most important thing to do immediately is to ring the rheumy nurse. You are not bothering them, its their job to be there for you!

    Best wishes

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    I had the fluoroscopic guided steroid injection directly into the joint yesterday. This has given me some - but not total relief. I still have a dull ache - stairs are still a problem - but flat walking does seem to be a little easier.

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