Got my diagnosis - from a robotic consultant.

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Hi all, I'll keep my post briefer today. Had my post OP appntment today.Saw a different consultant this time,bit of a robot who gave the verdict "Yes you have Osteoarthritis in that knee. Nothing else can be done, just pain management and physio. There is no cure. Come back in 3months." He wasn't interested in the fact that my left knee is getting worse too, that I can't walk more than 50 yards and only with a crutch. In fact in barely made eye contact with me and the nurse even had to remind him to look at my wound and remove dressing etc ( all ok ).When I asked what do I do about my job (HR they want to know whats happening,obviously and said they'd re deploy me) he didnt seem a bit interested and just told me to see my GP re sicknotes etc and my employer would need to write to them for a report on my conditon.
Oh - and finally he said : "And you need to keep your weight down."
Hello??? I am 5'8'' tall and weigh 9 and half stone and am on the skinny side!
I hobbled out of his office, feeling a bit like a number.
Gonna scoff a chocolate bar and a packet of Hobnobs now - and let my 'life sentence' sink in....
Might take me while... Even though I was prepared for it.
But the sun is glorious today and it feeels like spring ! :P


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    what a terrible GP gosh id refuse to leave the room and say i wnat a better GP, as i ahve RA and i went to see someone and he just repeated what all the other doctors have told me (including my specialist) and i left without knowing a thing. My older one didnt explain anything about MTX to me so i hardly knew what i was taking all he said was you can get pregnant and i was like 'im 15 gosh' and when i went back he just said more physio ect. it feel like they dont care. well were here for you, and enjoy your chocolate and hobnobs.

    elisha xxxx
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    Hi Elisha, thanks for your reply and I'm sorry to hear you're lumbered with RA at your tender age, bless you. I hope you have good friends who stick by you and I'm sure you'll make new ones here. As for the boy - I wouldn't mention your RA until you feel sure the feeling is mutual and you know him better. If he's a nice lad it won't put him off and he'll be there for you. The robot I saw this morning wasn't my GP ( he's acutally really nice and caring ) but one of the team of orthopaeedic consultants who did my Arthroscopy 2 weeks ago. I guess to him I was just another 'old biddie' with OA and he's lost his 'human touch' over the years and has become a bit cold.
    Look after yourself and stay positive! 16... what a great age to be!!! :P