Any other Charcot Foot sufferes out there?

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Hi all,
New to this forum
I suffer from Charcot Foot, also known as Diabetic Arthropathy, its a damage to the bones in your feet, which the arch then collapses and the bones shatter.
Fortunatly for me, whilst i have had movement in the toes of my left foot, the arch is still OK.

Just a quick hello to you all, at this time whne the future looks difficult with the removal of DLA and replacment with the evil PIP.


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    Hello Warkman, it's nice to meet you but I don't know how much help we might be. I have flat feet and plantar fasciitis in the right heel but that's about it in the foot department (although both ankles are affected with osteo-arthritis). I don't know much about your difficulities but would welcome some education about it so I hope you post again. I wish you well. DD
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    Hi there Warkman

    just a quick hello back at you from me.

    I hope to see you posting on some of the other forums soon :)


    Toni xx
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    Hi all, many thanks for the kind welcomes.
    Charcot foot is not a major disease in the UK, nor around the world, but is actuallly a form of arthritis in the bones of predominatly the feet.
    What essentially happens is that the arthritus (known as Diabetic Arthropathy) get sinto the bones of the foot and the heat etc generated causes large swelling of the feet and leg. The arthritis takes the flexibility out of the bones and if you walk far than the bones shatter and then re-fuse in deformed ways, this can also cause ulcers and gangerine into the foot and can eventually end up with removal of the foot. In less strident cases, this still requires 8 hour minimum reconstructive surgery on the bones to try and rebuild the foot.
    I am "lucky" that whilst I have damage to my foot, the arch still exists, but my left foot has spread outwards, with the "knuckles" of the toes shifting leftwrrds. and I have a bone protruding from the side, so eventually I will have to have reconstructive surgerey. Added to this I also have diabetic retinopathy in the bones, so even the ones that havent been effected in my foot ache LOL.
    I also have age onset arthritis in my hip (I am falling apart LOL) I do get HRMC of teh DLA currently, as any walking any distace will cause more damage to the foot, but of course, like many, I will lose this Higher rate when PIP comes in as I can walk a few yards without a wheelchair, but will become a prisoner in my home as without the Motability car I wont be able to even get into town for my prescriptions, but I await these changes with interest :-)