Advice pain releif for OA in fingers with Diabetes + high BP

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ive recently been diagnosed with Diabetes type 2 and high BP am on Metformin, BP Tablets and Antidepressants, i was diagnosed with OA in my fingers about 5 years ago by X-Ray, i was taking Diclofenic tablets and paracetamol to manage the pain (also ibuprofen gell on my fingers at times which ive now been told not to use) but now my GP has told me to stop the Dicolfenic and just take paracetamol but this doesnt help at all, im having a liver scan in 2 weeks as blood tests show i have sluggish liver function,

ive been trying to manage the pain with heat (microwavable mit ect) as the paracetamol doesnt help, the 3rd finger on my right hand is the worst affected, also the bump at the base of my thumb and little fingers flair up occasionally but are stiff and painful to move most of the time, my right hand has also started going very cold at times when my left hand is still warm.

my GP doesnt seem very interesseted does any one have any advice for me? also wondering if anyone else has had the steroid injection in their fingers?

Thanks In a Advance


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    Hi there,

    We've got some excellent articles on arthritis and hand/finger problems, so if you PM your postal address we can send you them (they are not available online currently).

    The chilli cream Capsaicin may be an option for hands - it's prescription only. If your pain is so severe that paracetamol is not enough, could you discuss having something to add on for bad days - eg codeine etc? Once you're not using anti inflammatory tablets you may well be able to use anti inflammatory creams - ask the GP?

    Steroid injections can be used on fingers - you might need a musculoskeletal referral for those but ask the GP.

    Hope that helps


    Doing plenty of hand movements during the day is recommended - a soft squeezy ball is a good thing to have.