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Well I went to the doctors as I have been having trouble with my joints, painful and sore, and thats not including my bad hand and wrist, and guess what happens next????

Yep, Im sorry to say you have early stages of OA in 3 more areas, other hand, left knee and right ankle, last month I was diagnosed with OA in my left thumb, but more signs have shown its in more of the hand then was first thought.

I was wondering if that was the case before I went but hearing it straight from the doctor just made my heart sink to the ground.

I would have kicked something if it didnt hurt, so after a couple of hours of feeling sorry for myself, I dusted myself off and just let my family know and now im being swamped with offers of help,

so I just needed to get it off my chest, and just wonder how long will it be before the arthur really kicks into those joints, as I havent even had the nerve to tell my bosses at work yet, as im dreading that one, as they are being really picky and hard nosed at everyone at work at the present time.

I dont really want to visit the doctor anymore just in case he adds to my arthur list. :|

I know a black cat never walked in front of me, I missed all the ladders and havent broke any mirrors, just have had a bad run of luck.

Moan over now, onwards and upwards as they say.


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    it does not matter if you go to doc or not arther will still visit so make sure see them regular and if meds not working tell them there is plenty they can do to help so be brave when needed as for work well do not tell them till you have to get your head around it first . you do sound like you are coping well but we are here if you need us val
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    Thanks for your reply Val,

    I have to visit the doctor every 4 weeks to check on how all medication is working, and it has seemed like now when I see them something new has appeared, but as you say Arthur will rear its ugly head.

    You hit the nail on the head, its getting my head round the idea that the Arthur is spreading through my joints a lot quicker then antisipated, and I have to be used to the idea so when I tell work of the new areas I can do it in a clear concise manner and be ready with answers to the many questions they will have.

    I do try to cope with it all, life has not been kind to me lately, sometimes I do feel really sorry for myself and other times I am ready to kick its ****, but to hear that lot in one go, in one way I was not expecting the doctor to tell me that though in the back of my mind I already knew.

    I appreciate your reply, there is always someone on this forum that can help to see things in a different way then your own mind does after the new diagnosis. And for that I am very grateful.

    But yes I will definately keep on top of the pain medication and tell them if the effect of them slips at all, though I have been told that I am on the strongest medication I am allowed already, so it might be the case at times to get ready to batten down the hatches.
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    It isn't an easy thing to hear but I'm sure you know as we all do.. That this bugger of a disease is degenerative and it does get worse and it does spread. It's the speed of it dodging and the places it affects us that mean the most. I keep noticing niggling pains in the ankles but for now I'm blissfully ignorant of them, lol..
    I wish you all the best and never give up fighting. We will stand by you.. We are all in this boat of pain n misery together like a bunch of arthritic pirates, lol..
    I'm wittering, sorry, I'm suffering from exhaustion or pain drain as I call it.
    Keep posting, it does help. :D
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    Thanks for your reply Tony,

    and you are absoulutely right in all of what you have said. the main thing is to keep fighting it, but the thing that rocked my boat was that in 1 month I had 3 more parts of me go wonky, that was pretty hard to take in, and a little bit of denial slips in as well.

    but my head is more or less round it now, and I have a brilliant brother who helps no end, so much so that now and again I have to tell him to begger off as I feel like im being smothered, I just remind him I need space and time alone to get it all straight headwise and to come up with some ideas for coping for when the newer joints kick in funny.

    To be honest this forum is a good part of my coping mechinism, when I read some posts I feel so lucky to have it "Light" compared to others, but reading the different posts I am picking up a lot of hints and helps which is good for me, as I dont have to figure it all out myself. :D

    I certainly feel like im part of a community again, instead of feeling like the little girl left out in the cold.

    Onwards and upwards. :wink:

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