The Return of Carpel Tunnel?

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Hello all,

It's been ages since I've been on here. I've been mega, mega busy at work, so just never have time to wonder on and see how you all are. Hope the usual crowd are doing OK and all the new ones. I have been missing my DD updates!

Anyway, about 5 years ago, I had carpel tunnel very severely in my left hand. Had tests etc which confirmed it, did wrist supports, splints, you name it, I tried it. Eventually I had it operated on. It was instant relief. The numbness and pain went and a couple of weeks after surgery, it was amazing! You can hardly see the scar either, fabulous!

Now fast forward to three weeks ago. I woke up with my hand feeling swollen and sore, and weak, so I couldn't put weight on it. No obvious injury or activity out of the ordinary at all, so was a bit bemused as to what I had done.

Three weeks on, it's still there, feeling weak, only the ache I get radiates all up my arm and into my elbow, something I've had a long time, but just not in the hand too. It's also slightly numb in the padded bit of my palm, and instead of the usual thumb, index, middle, and half ring finger, it's the ring finger, little finger and down the side this time.

It's getting a little bit worse everyday. It feels like I've had a bad workout and the muscles feel tight and solid. Can you trap the ulnar never the same as you can the median nerve (the one you trap with carpel tunnel?). I'm a bit worried it's come back, or something new has sprung up maybe as a result of surgery?

If anyone has any wise words, I'd sure appreciate it.

Love to you all, it's been too long!


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    Oh dear, poor you, I am sorry to read this. I think it may be time to ring your GP and book one of those elusive things called an appointment: he's the best-placed to advise you, methinks. Let us know how you get on, yes? Take care. DD

    PS Thank you for your kind words!
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    Sorry you're having problems again. In answer to your question - YES, the ulner nerve can get compressed in the same way as the median nerve. I get alternating pins and needles and numbness depending on how I have positioned my hand overnight. I find the splints worn at night help a little but are uncomfortable, I now try to sleep with my hand under my pillow to keep it flat under my head overnight, but with all the wriggling around trying to get comfortable that doesn't always work.

    Hope you get it sorted soon.
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    Forgot to say - its the guynon canel (or tunnel) rather than the carpal that can pinch on the ulner nerve, but sometimes the problem can originate further up depending on where the nerve is trapped.

    Really hope your GP can sort it out for you
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    Hi Angie

    lovely to see you.

    Not so good you are feeling rough though :(

    My ex MIl has had both hands operated on for carpel tunnel and more recently had trigger finger, which seemed very similar to me....that was treated by steroid jab very successfully.

    I agree with t'others! Best be off to the docs lass


    Toni xxx
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    Hi angie, lovely to hear from you :D

    I have ulnar nerve problems caused by my neck. It causes my hand to go numb, started with ring finger and little finger. Most unpleasant.

    My hubby had carpal tunnel surgery a few years ago now and it has come back and he also has it in other hand now. The other hand is swollen and I heard steroid injections can help, but as a 'man' he won't go to docs :roll: I wonder if the doc could try a steroid jab for you?

    Hope you can see the doc soon. Take care

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