Feeling low today : (



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    Hi Suzy

    Really sorry to hear about the amount of pain you are in. The numbness etc isn't good so hope that stops for you soon.

    Like Toni I hope you get to the appointment soon as that I'm sure will help.

    BUt don't worry about spending the day in bed sometimes we all need to.

    Hope things improve soon for you hun.

    Pink xx
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    Thanks Clare, traluvie, pinkbritish stars, mig and SW

    Your responses are helpful.

    Sw, I hope the tendonitis has lessened, I had an injection into the hip for bursitis, is that similar?? Did you still manage to enjoy the time with your son?

    So is the damage to neck OA or inflammatory? Has it got worse slowly? Sorry to bombard you with questions, you don't have to answer. Or you can PM. I just want info, only 2 days till physio now.

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    Hip's almost back to normal, thanks. I just can't do the straight leg raises yet & it aches a bit more easily.

    Did I enjoy the holiday? You bet! Having nearly missed out, I was determined to squeeze every last bit of fun out of it.

    I guess my neck is OA but really I haven't a clue. I didn't know I had OA 'til they first told me I needed new knees. I'm incredibly uninquisitive about the whole arthritis thing. As long as they keep me moving I'm happy. It must have come on slowly as I don't recall any traumatic times with it just gradual loss of movement while I was concentrating on other bits. Sorry, I'm not much use :roll:
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