I really dont want to moan!

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Hi everyone, i havent been on here in a while! since starting university last september i've been so busy! i've had arthritis since i was 4 and im nearly 20 now. unfortunately another flare up has happened right at the beginning of my second term! I really hate moaning about being in pain but it's getting annoying again! i've had a pretty bad day today, i just don't feel like myself right now. i hate being so low. i'm normally so happy and try to do everything i can but all i want to do is lay in my bed.
sorry for moaning!
hope everyone is doing alright!


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    Oh dear, poor you, it is rough sometimes, isn't it? I think we all hit low patches every now and again my lovely, no matter how long or short our experience of arthritis is - I know I do and I am one year behind you in terms of how many years it has been a factor in my life. I guess you know that all you can do is ride out the storm, keep up with any meds you are taking, rest as much as you can and just be kind to yourself. Come and moan, hon, we're always here to listen. ((())) DD
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    Don't worry about having a moan.. At least you're in the right place to do so.. We all understand...
    I hope that the flare settles down soon..
    Best wishes..
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    Hi Steph, please don't apologise for moaning. You have every right to. I don't know how you manage, Uni in itself can be very difficult, I know my daughters often found it so, and they didn't have your condition to contend with. I can't help you, but wish you well.
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    Hi Steph,moan away lass does you good ,i know it does me.I was only diagnosed 2 and a half years ago(at 62 years of age) and only been on here 9 months but my goodness how these people have helped me thru the rough times,so you moan and we will listern.Mig
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    Steph, feel free to moan, I have had a moan today. Chronic pain is totally draining and exhausting. Can you speak to your tutor about giving you extra time etc due to your condition? I think they can be fairly accomodating.

    Call your rheumy nurse if things don't settle to see what they can do for you.

    Rest up.
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    Very best of luck with your Uni Steph. I hope uni is supportive when you have bad times.

    Elizabeth x
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    Hi Steph i know that lay in bed feeling but dont let it beat you girl. Youve had it for 16 years, i know some times it gets on top of you and the pain becomes to much to bear. Phone the Rheumy nurse or the GP. Take care love
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    hi steph
    you have a good old moan girl.
    does you good sometimes .
    this forum has done me the world of good joining
    keep you chin up love hope you feel better soon
    good luck with your uni..
    lv georgie :)
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    Morning Stephiey, how are you feeling today? (()) DD
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    Hi Stephiey

    l am so sorry l missed this yesterday.

    Yes of course you don't want to moan especially to the others at Uni, but here is a safe place to.

    The only thing l can suggest is that you do your best to rest up when you can and sleep as much as possible. If it gets intolerable maybe see if you can have a depot steroid jab to help you out????? are you near enough at uni to get to your rheumatology nurses :?

    Love and hugs

    Toni xxx
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    well you know your body better thank any one and you know when rest is the only thing for it. come on here and moan it the only thing that keeps some of us sane we do understand and do not mind how often you need to use us i do hope things are better for you today val
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    thank you so much everyone for replying! it makes me feel so much better knowing that i can talk to you all.
    havent been well the past few days, haven't had a flare up like this in over two years. can't stand feeling so useless but im keeping positive cause i don't wanna be miserable!
    thank you everyone :)
    hope you're all well! x
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    Flares are nasty but one thing is guaranteed - it will eventually end, they always do but we just don't know when. One way to hasten the end is to rest properly - you are not rendered useless by this, you are taking care of your health - it is the only way. Another help is keeping positive (although that can be very hard sometimes) but it does make a difference. Take care and I hope you feel better very soon. DD