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Wonder if anyone has any ideas about this?

I had xrays done on my feet last week. I phoned the drs today about a repeat prescription and asked if my xray results were in so I could make an appointment to see the dr. They were. I was told I had to arrange a phone appointment for the dr so he could talk to me about it.

Has this happened to anyone else?


Magenta x


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    Different practices work different ways. I assume they haven't rung you yet? It could be something and nothing though so try not to worry..
    Let us know what happens :D
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    Hi Tony,

    Hope you are doing ok?

    They didn't ring me-dunno if I happened to contact them first.

    I'll let you know what happens-dr's phoning me tomorrow.

    Magenta x
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    Hi Magenta,

    I've never had this but I'm waiting for ultrasound results from hands and feet and the nurse at the time told me to ring the rheumy's secretary to make an appointment to get results and when I rang I was told that the rheumy would write to me to query whether she needed to see me or not? 10 days later, I'm still waiting, all this waiting is so frustrating! I'm not sure whether to ring again or carry on waiting, I feel like I'm being really impatient but when you're in daily constant pain it seems like an age doesn't it!

    I have heard of telephone appointments with Drs though, sorry went off on one :oops: It's to save you the bother of going to the surgery, particulary if mobility is an issue, a good thing as long as you don't want the face to face approach.

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    our doc often phones mainly when i have contacted her with problem i have already seen her with and need advice on it saves her an app. and me trailing up to docs hope it good news val
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    Never had that one but the GPs are really cutting back on time and money. Takle care
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    This sounds about right to me: it would not be appropriate for anyone else to talk about your Xray results apart from the GP or the Consultant so don't worry about it. Book the telephone appointment as they suggested and let us know what he says, yes? DD
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    I often have telephone appts with the doc, especially when I am flaring badly and immobile, saves me time and energy, and picking up another bug whilst at surgery!!!
    My docs would phone if they had something to tell you re the xray results.
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    Hi Magenta,

    When I had my grotty botty last year I had a few phone consultations with the doc. I would book one with the receptionist and then write down my questions so I would be well prepared and I also got pen and paper ready for the allotted time. It does work and saves a trip to the surgery.

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    When l had an Xray on my neck they phoned me Eileen.

    Just to let me know the results....it's a bit more efficient l think time-wise.


    Toni xxx
  • magenta
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    Hi all,

    Thanks for all the replies.

    Well here goes. The phone call was half an hour late! He asked me what he could do for me and I had to explain that it was the surgery that told me to arrange a phone appointment. Now, I already know I have OA in my left big toe.
    He said the xray showed OA in some fancy named joint-basically the joint at the base of my big toe. No sign of erosive arthritis but that was it. I asked what foot. He laughed and said, 'Well, obviously the foot that was xrayed'. When I said both were, he said they hadn't specified so I must be right in saying it's my left foot. He's not really interested in why my right ankle is so sore. I've to wait and see if rheumy gives me another appt. but if I don't hear anything back within the next fortnight, I've to phone him back.

    I feel no further forward and the pain is worse. So that's it, thank goodness I never wasted my time in going to see him at the surgery.


    Magenta x
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    Hi Eileen,

    You know for as long as i have known you they have been messing you about! I so wish they would get their act together and actually just help you!

    I so hope that they will just help you!

    The toe oa I have had for years and flower they could help. When (or do you) see the ortho gain? maybe they could help you with at least that one?

    Hang in there Eileen. Love, ((((( ))))) and a bucket of hopes Cris xx
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    I have had a foot scan today as I also have issues with a fancy-named foot joint! Subtalar is the only name I recognise as It is easy to pronouce but there are others involved.
    I had OA diagnosed by x ray 2 and a half years ago and now need an op as it has got more and more painful.

    The other foot may be hurting because it is adjusting to walking differently. But luckily you had both feet x rayed so results will ' hopefully' be in soon. It would be nice for you to know why the other foot hurts.

    Hope it isn't too long a wait.

    Elizabeth x