Feeling old

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Hi all

I've not been properly diagnosed yet, but this 'whatever it is' gets worse almost by the day.

I went clothes shopping with my 17 year old daughter yesterday; we're very close and more like sisters and do pretty much everything together. usually we try on clothes together, shoes, have coffee etc but yesterday I felt really sad as all I wanted to do was sit down like an old woman.

We were in new look in the shoe section. I am a real Imelda Marcos and have a huge collection of shoes and they are my main vice, but I could't even muster the energy to look at any. I literally sat in the middle on the seat surrounded by shopping bags while she tried them on. I felt old and past it and so so tired. I'm only 43.

The shopping trip nearly killed me! By the time I got home I was dropping with pain and fatigue...my back, hips, knees and elbows were on fire. Then I couldn't sleep last night with the pain, along with cold tingling in my fingers.

All this at the start of the journey!

Moan over

Hope you're all feeling as well as ca be expected.

Aly x


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    Hi Aly, sorry you're feeling so low. This disease is truly rubbish isn't it? Hope you feel better soon.
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    Hey Aly

    l have three girls one 17 in a few weeks one 16 and another 14.

    I too used to adore shoes now l reckon l am living through my girls' especially the youngest (and tallest) who lives for shoes make-up and clothes.

    So sorry you were so exhausted for your trip which should have been fabulous fun :(

    l have no real wise words apart from planning trips for 'good days' if at all possible and to offer you some hugs ((()))


    Toni xxx
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    I used to be a shopping queen, only 1 friend could keep up with me, I never stopped. I loved shoes and bags.

    Since arfur it has changed, I rarely get out now. I would advise you to take frequent breaks when shopping, go at your 'best' time of day, and rest after. No more chores that day. You can build them in as extra coffee stops.

    I am considering a mobility scooter at the moment, as I miss getting out. I collect scarves now :D
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    Hi Aly
    I think that some hugs are in order (((((())))), like Toni says planning is the key, don't worry you will get lots of good days
    You take care of yourself x
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    Hi Aly, Sorry your having a bad time, I know how you feel! I'm 39 in a few weeks and at the moment I feel 79! I have no energy to get excited for my birthday like I usually do. I can only say you woun't all ways feel like this. When you feel better you will get your mojo back. Think of yourself like a mobile phone (not the best thing as an example!) and you've been used a lot and your battery is low, you have to recharge your battery before it's up to full capacity. But before then you have to rest and let your body recharge it's battery. If you don't you will all ways feel run down. Hope you get your mojo back soon Aly as there's a shoe rack out there that needs emptying! :D
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    Hi Aly, I find shopping exhausting too. I only enjoy very short trips with plenty of cafe stops. Christmas shopping etc on foot is a real ordeal, so I tend to do a lot of shopping online.