RichT Bots Posts: 35
Hi I just followed a link on here to Dial and thought I would do the PERSONAL CAPABILITY ASSESSMENT on the form that is provided for self testing and I scored 77 points :shock: and that was being as truthful to myself as I could be :!: Now I am not sure how that measures up as I have not seen this assessment before but due to my slow recovery rate at the moment and the realisation of just how bad I am now I may have to consider packing up work :roll: That in its self is in some ways a relief but also frightening because from my recent dealings with an array of benefits it is very hard to narrow down some sort of idea of how much I could claim and for what. I will be making an appointment with the CAB to gain a better idea but just wondered if anyone else had completed the self test and has anyone finally came to the conclusion that working is just too difficult to deal with now :wink: