returning to work advice please

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Hi, I have been off work since the begining of dec due to having a wrist fusion despite having pain I feel well enough to return to work my manager text me earlier in the week asking when my sick note ran out so I rang her and said I would be back next week, rang her today asking could I return reduced duties just for a short while she totally refused to consider it even in the short term , I don't work in the same place every day and she said she didn't have any where to put me on monday if I did go back,it's a bit complicated on my working conditions but I do lots of paperwork and don't have a work station and she said it's impossible to adapte the places I do work.In short I feel I'm being pushed out and feel quite upset
I hope this makes sense and would apppreciate any advice.


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    Hi Lorraine

    You could gl to your GP, explain the situation. Then he/she can issue a 'fit' note, where the GP advises certain adjustments to be made for you to return to work on the form. Then give to your manager and watch her/he squirm!

    The fit note could detail things such as phased return to work, breaks, adapations needed. If this can't be accomadated, then the form becomes a sick note.

    Good luck!