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Hi just got back from hospital.I went down to theatre at 3.15pm and got back 4.45pm and for the first time I didnt get sick from anesthetic 9must be magic medicine he gave me)
The results are ,he done MUA and NO JOY ,knee won't budge at all.
He took biopsy's from knee as well but have to wait 4 weeks for results.
So really don't know what happens now
So think maybe its time to put a claim in
Thanks to all for pocket duites today


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    Hi babytiger

    I am so sorry to hear the outcome of today's procedure. Yep, time to put a claim in. From what I remember your post op care was abysmal and total negligence springs to mind, words hospitals do not like to hear. I just hope that you have kept a diary of phone calls, names of people you have spoken to and dates. I hope you do not have too much of a fight on your hands. This is something that you could really do without. I really do feel for you.

    Gentle hugs
    Elna x
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    Thanks Yeah I have kept all my paperwork from etc.
    He said he was going to try and releive the pain but I wont know until tomorrow when I try and walk about on it whether it is any better or not
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    hi not much can say but sorry it not the out come you had hoped for but do hope it has helped a bit val
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    Hi babytiger

    l am so sorry things might not be improved :(

    l do hope they will have some other ideas to help you.

    Take care


    Toni xxx
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    Hi Babytiger, I'm so sorry things didn't work out the way you where hoping them to. :( I hope you get some relief from the procedure, and I hope you get some pain relief meds that help you soon. Have you decided to send off to make a claim?
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    Hi Bubbadog... I have been a bit down this morning ,thinking is this it ? a leg that doesnt work but am ok now after my bubble.....
    Ive had the dog out for 10 min,pottered round the house and Im usually in pain now but nothing so maybe he has cut some nerves to ease the pain,time will tell
    I'm letting my OH sort out putting in a claim (there's that many to choose from) Ive sorted out a folder to put all my hospital papers in.
    He is always telling me to try for some kind of invalidity benefit but it seems such a minefield and from Ive read on here a lot get turned down